Creating a Blog

So, here goes.  I’m creating a blog.  This isn’t my first blog.  When I was a school principal in Marysville I had a blog for a while.  When I worked in Human Resources I blogged to help substitute teachers.  This blog will be designed to discuss my work as the Assistant Superintendent in Worthington.  Hopefully it will serve as a place to tell the many really cool stories that I encounter each day.  Surely it will be a place to also share some of the struggles we face.  I don’t know how often I will blog.  My initial hope is several times each week.  There will be no shortage of material, but sometimes there is a shortage of time.

I’m in a very unique position.  I’m blessed to work in a school system that has been such a big part of my life.  I’m certain that many of my writings will intersect the personal and the professional.  There is really no way to separate the two completely. I grew up in Worthington.  Worthington Hills for Elementary School.  Perry Middle School (Patriots not Panthers not Phoenix) for 7th grade, McCord Middle School for 8th grade (first year it was opened.  Mustangs, not Mavericks (my vote) not Wolves).  The Kilbourne Building for 9th grade (not KMS), Worthington High School 10th – 12th grade (Not Thomas Worthington or Worthington Kilbourne, but Worthington!)  I taught school in Worthington.  Evening Street and McCord.  I coached in Worthington.  McCord and WKHS.  My kids now go to Worthington Schools.   Much has changed over the years and yet much remains the same.

I’m blessed to be in Worthington.  Hopefully if you read this, you’ll soon understand why.

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