Summer Work

ImageAs an educator people often ask me if I get my summer off.  Our teachers certainly get more time off in the summer than the average person does, however, gone are the days of spending eight weeks by the pool.  There is too much to learn and not enough time to do it.  All of our administrators in Worthington work year round contracts.  That means we get vacation days like normal working people.  Sometime later this summer I will take some time off to be with my family, but most days I will be in the office. 

I’m not wearing a tie until August though.  Business casual all summer!  Just sayin!

Summer is a time for training and a time for planning.  Last week all of our administrators attended training on the new Ohio Teacher Evaluation System.  Ohio House Bill 153 establihsed new guidelines for evaluation of teachers in Ohio.  As the graphic above details 50% of a teachers evaluation will be determined by student data and 50% by classroom performance.  You can read about the new system here: 

In order to evaluate teachers under the new OTES model, administators must attend three full days of training and pass a credentialing exam.  Our expectation in Worthington is that all of our administrators will have passed their credentialing exam by the time the new school year begins.

The OTES training focused solely on the 50% of the teacher evaluation under teacher performance.  Local districts will have to determine what data they will use for the remainding 50%.  Obviously we could argue over whether this system makes sense.  I will say that the 50% we were trained on last week is really good and should help teachers improve professionally.

In Worthington we will not fully implement all parts of the OTES model until the 2014-2015 school year.  Until then we will implement the new rubric and pilot different data measures.  Our implementation timeline is consistent with our Race to the Top scope of work and our agreement with our Worthington Education Association.

Implementing a new statewide teacher evaluation system is a huge undertaking.  Summer allows us to train our staff to make certain we in Worthington are ready for the shift.


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