Cardinal Country

Cardinal Country!  This is a recent picture not of Thomas Worthington High School, but instead of Kilbourne Middle School.  Why is this significant you might ask?  It’s significant because Kilbourne Middle School students feed into TWHS and for the first time in recent Worthington history we now have a 7-12 articulation of mascots.  Ie…students at Worthingway Middle School and Kilbourne Middle School are now Cardinals.  Students at McCord Middle School which feeds into Worthington Kilbourne High School are Wolves.

This may seem like a small thing.  I’ve found that in Worthington nothing is a small thing. For years Worthington had only two middle schools.  Perry and Worthingway.  Perry’s mascot was originally the Patriots and later to become more politically correct and less gun-toting, was changed to the Panthers.  Their colors were maroon and gold.  Worthingway was the Wildcats and wore the colors of green and white.  When McCord Middle School opened in 1986 the first 8th grade class (my class) voted on the mascot and colors.  They became the Mustangs and wore blue and silver.  (Random side note.  I voted not for the Mustangs, but instead for the Mavericks.  Top Gun had just come out and I was probably wearing my Ray Ban sunglasses.  My classmates out voted me.)  When Kilbourne was repurposed as a middle school in the mid-90’s they choose the Cougars as their mascot and the dreaded Upper Arlington colors of black and gold.  Thus for 20 plus years this was the configuration in Worthington.

Over the past few years as Worthington has combined sports on both sides of the river and we have steadily made an effort to create an articulation of mascots.  Thus Worthingway and Kilbourne are both the Cardinals and McCord is the Wolves.  To some there is a loss of student voice in this switch.  I admit, that on some level that is true.  However I LOVE the change. 

I believe that this small detail helps to create the larger community.  Kids in old Worthington will grow-up dreaming of becoming a Cardinal.  That dream can become a reality now as early as seventh grade.  Kids in Worthington Hills can wear their Wolves gear with pride.  And, as an added bonus, parents who purchase school spirited clothing can keep it for a full six years.  A Wolves jacked worn while a student is in seventh grade at McCord can still be used when the same student is a 12th grader at WKHS.  (Plus we will no longer have Worthington students wearing black and gold!)

Worthington Schools is made up of great kids.  Most of those students will attend one of our two traditional high schools TWHS Cardinals, WKHS Wolves.  It’s my hope that everywhere you go in our community you see students, parents and even random business leaders, sporting school spirited clothing and supporting our local high schools.  Our middle schools are now all in.  Cards and Wolves!


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