The Rock

If you graduated from Worthington High School anytime in the last 30 years you are familiar with “The Rock.”  I’m not certain where this particular rock came from, or when students and community members began painting messages on the rock, but it is a tradition that goes way back in Worthington Schools and has become part of our culture.

Throughout the year students paint the rock.  Sometimes it’s someone’s sweet 16 birthday, sometimes an athletic team is touting a victory.  In the summer months it seems former students take their turn painting the rock.  Often for class reunions a group will want to proclaim that “91 still rocks!”  (They do BTW just sayin…)

The picture above shows the most recent painting on the rock.  Kristen was a 1990 graduate of Worthington High School and a mom of two beautiful Worthington students.  She passed away earlier this week.  I’m not certain how outsiders would view a tribute such as this, but to those of us immersed in the Worthington culture it seems very fitting and a high compliment.

There are many traditions throughout the school district.  Painting the rock in only one.  It’s part of what makes Worthington distinct and something that creates life-long memories.

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5 Responses to The Rock

  1. Kay Elder says:

    I think this is a very sweet gesture to do for a former graduate’s passing. The Rock means a lot to those in Worthington. My deepest sympathy to her family and classmates.

  2. Lisa Robison says:


  3. Susan Torrens says:

    Sadly – someone already repainted the rock – but we have the picture for posterity!

  4. Denise says:


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