Worthingway’s New Track

In 2006 Worthington voters passed a bond issue to maintain and improve Worthington Schools.  This was a critical issue because our school buildings are much like maintaining a 50-year-old house.  They were built quite well when they were built but they need constant maintainance and from time to time they need improvements.

One of my favorite improvements from the 2006 bond issue is the new track and field complex at Worthingway Middle School.  Worthingway has always had a track and a field.  However, the old 300 meter track used to cut off the corners of the end zone on the football field and over time neither the track nor the field was adequate.    The new track and field will be perfect.  Our Worthingway and Kilbourne Middle School Cardinals will have an excellent home field.  For the first time both track teams will be able to practice at the middle school and won’t have to travel to the high school.  The facility mirrors what McCord has on the west side.

Even better the new facility is a shared facility with the neighborhood.  Worthington Estates as most in Worthington call the adjoining neighborhoods of Olentangy Hills, Worthingway and Worthington Estates, has houses built mostly in the late 60’s and 70’s.  The thriving residential neighborhood now has a track complex and a green space that residents will be able to use year round. 

With a project like this, our students benefit and the community benefits.  It’s a great example of a “win-win.”  Principal Nathan Kellenberger and the Worthingway staff are doing great things with kids at Worthingway Middle School.  Now they’ll have an additional outdoor resource at their disposal. 

The track looks great.  Don’t worry I didn’t actually run on it to test it.  That sounds exhausting!

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