“Do you have power?”

“Do you have power?”  This seems to be the number one question being asked across the school district this morning.  In the midst of a record heat wave a storm tore through Columbus on Friday afternoon that knocked out power for a couple of  hundred thousand residents.  Many within the Worthington School district lost power, some areas have regained it and others are still waiting.

It’s a shame that it takes a natural disaster to pull people together but it is in times like this that you see the true character of our school district residents.  Neighbors are sharing generators, families are moving in with one another, friends make runs for friends to get ice, and the chainsaw is in demand.

I heard from a friend last night who was out for dinner with his family.  They returned home to their house without power and were debating whether or not to turn the generator on.  One child wanted the generator on to power the television set.  Another kindergarten aged child disagreed saying, “let’s just light some candles in the house and play with the IPad like the pioneers did.”  Classic.  IPads have existed since pioneer days.  🙂

In Worthington we have 19 schools.  Most lost power for some period of time this weekend.  By this morning only Worthington Estates Elementary was still without power.  From a school district time frame the outing happened at a good time.  The holiday week is the split between the first session of summer school and the second session.  Most of our schools had nothing scheduled this week and it looks like the 4th of July festivities will still be able to proceed at Worthington Hills Elementary and on the lawn of Thomas Worthington High School.

For those who do not have power it is HOT!  Please continue to lend a hand to a neighbor.  It’s what residents of the Worthington School district do for one another. 

p.s.  The Pool is open!

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