Board of Education Meeting

This morning I had the opportunity to do what most of us who work as Assistant Superintendent’s only dream about.  (Yes, to do this job you have to be somewhat of a dork and dream about Board of Education meetings…)  This morning I got to sit at the Board of Education table and conduct my first Board of Education meeting.

To most people reading this I would assume this would seem very small.  Don’t worry in real life I get it.  But in my work life this is a big deal. Superintendent’s run Board of Education meetings and ultimately that is what I plan to do.  Today was my first time.  You can access the agenda for my meeting here: Agenda.  Yes, I realize the meeting was a perfunctory only, 7:30 A.M., business meeting.  I realize that there were only two community members present.  But, I also would like to note that the This Week Worthington Newspaper was present and of course as acting Superintendent, for 15 minutes, I did grant our excellent reporter Candy Brooks an interview.  (The real Superintendent, Dr. Thomas Tucker is on vacation and is probably re-thinking the whole idea of taking a vacation.)

Someday I hope to retire having presided over hunderds of school board meetings where important decisions that have a lasting positive effect on the community are made.  This morning we hired a number of teachers that will begin this fall to leave a legacy with Worthington students.  My role in this entire process was very small.  But, today, I played a role, and someday I hope to get the opportunity to play a larger role.

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