The Little Things Make a Big Difference

When I returned home from work yesterday afternoon I discovered a post-card in our mail. The post-card was not addressed to me, or to my wife. Instead, it was addressed to my seven-year old daughter. This particular post-card was not sent from grandma in Indiana or even from Mimi and PopPop in Florida. This card was sent by her teacher.

In the middle of summer, 500 miles away, Debbie Fuller took time out of her vacation to purchase, write, and send, a post-card to my daughter. I sure wish she could have been in my kitchen when my daughter read it. She smiled, she jumped up and down, she bragged to her sisters that she received a post-card, and she bragged a little extra to her older sister who was once also a student of Mrs. Fuller. For Debbie, this was a small act of kindness. For my daughter, that small act, made her day.

I’m really blessed to be able to be an administrator in Worthington at the same time that my daughters are students in Worthington. Being a parent allows me to witness first hand how often our teachers go the extra mile to make a child’s day or to help a student succeed. This spring on a forty degree, rainy Saturday morning, my daughter’s former kindergarten teacher (not the teacher she had last spring, but the one she had the year prior) Vicky Stewart, braved the elements to come watch her former students play soccer. Again, not her current students, her former students!

Each day, even in mid-July we have teachers reaching out and making a difference in the lives of kids. This post card is a little thing, but it made a big difference in my house this evening! Thanks Mrs. Fuller!

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2 Responses to The Little Things Make a Big Difference

  1. Don Miller says:

    Good stuff! From WES to WW to TWHS we have had similar experiences; blessings in fact.

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