It’s Great to Be A Granby Gator!

During this past weekend, we received news from Granby Elementary Principal, Jason Spencer that he had accepted a position with another school district. He will begin his new position on August 1st. We appreciate the work that Jason has done during his time as the principal at Granby, particularly as an instructional leader. We wish him and his family well.

Moving forward we have decided to recommend to the BOE Patti Schlaegel as the Interim Principal of Granby for the 2012-2013 school year. Currently Patti serves as our elementary summer school principal and is an instructional coach at Liberty and Brookside. Patti has a strong grasp on the school district’s instructional priorities and a very strong understanding of Worthington Schools. Not only has Patti been a very successful teacher in Worthington, but Patti has raised her family in Worthington and her own children have progressed through McCord Middle School and Worthington Kilbourne High School. We believe her unique perspective will be an asset to staff, students and Granby families

I’ve known Patti Schlaegel for what I think is now 29 years. I grew up with her brother-in-law Tim. (He was the man back in the day. He’d blow-up car engines, girls loved him, he was everything every boy wanted to be, but most of us couldn’t be.) I coached Patti’s son Tommy in middle school football and I’ve worked with Patti closely over the past four years.

Whenever we hire a new principal I believe that “time will tell the story.” Whenever we hire someone who has had limited principal experience you wonder how they will handle conflict and the inherent loneliness of the position. Those are the same questions I have about Patti. However, what I know about Patti is that no one cares more about kids, no one will invest more in Granby, no one will listen more intently to families, no one understands Worthington and our culture more than Patti and no one will out work Patti.

I am an early to bed and early to rise person. I am also a routine person. My daily run needs to begin by 5:05 A.M. each day. Most mornings I glance at email on my IPhone before heading out the door. Many times an email time stamped at 4:35 A.M. has Patti Schlaegel’s name on it. She works, and works, and works.

Granby enters another new chapter with Patti. I believe strongly that it will be a good chapter and indeed it will be “Great to be a Granby Gator!”

p.s. No one puts more glitter in a card than Patti Schlaegel! No one. We’ll need to add another custodian to Granby just to deal with the glitter 🙂 Just Sayin….

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