“I’m here to do what’s best for kids” – David Bressman

Last night was a regularly scheduled Worthington Board of Education meeting.  The agenda and enclosures can be found here.  (I know you’re wondering…unfortunately for me… and yet probably fortunately for Worthington Schools, Dr. Tucker was back from vacation, and thus, no, he didn’t let me run another meeting…) 

While the meeting was regularly scheduled it wasn’t a regular meeting.  Last night our Worthington Board of Education voted 5-0 to place an operating levy and a bond issue on the November ballot. 

Worthington schools will ask voters for an incremental operating levy that would begin at 4.9 mills in 2013 and increase a mill each year for two years to 6.9 mills. In its first year, the request would generate $8.4 million and cost $150 more per $100,000 of home value.

In its third year, it would raise $11.8 million and cost taxpayers $211 per $100,000 of home value. Voters also will decide a separate, $40 million bond issue that would not increase what taxpayers now pay.

What made the meeting irregular was not the vote to place two issues on the ballot.  Unfortunately this is all to common based on the way Ohio funds schools and Worthington will join Dublin, Upper Arlington and New Albany on the ballot.  You can see the Columbus Dispatch article here.  What made the meeting irregular was that each member of our Board of Education had to compromise their personal stance in some way in order to do what they collectively feel is best for Worthington Schools. 

This is highly irregular in politics these days and make no mistake Boards of Education are five elected officials each with their own diverse views on the best way to accomplish a given goal.  I can’t say it is highly irregular in Worthington though.  Marc Schare commented that the process getting to last night’s vote was “messy.”  You can read all of Marc’s comments here.  I would add an “AND HOW!” to Marc’s “messy” comments.  But in the end, Worthington’s Board of Education did what I have always seen Worthington’s Board of Education do:  They compromised to do what is best for the community.  David Bressman commented that  “I’m here to do what’s best for kids” and his levy vote was based on that premise.  I know Marc, Charlie, Jennifer and Julie agree. 

It’s good to have open and messy discourse.  Our Board of Education is good at that.  They’re like a family.  (A dysfunctional family, but really does anyone actually have a functional family.  Not I!)  They debate publicly, sometimes feelings get hurt, but when it matters they rally around one another and look for the common good. 

Without question I believe our board of education is here to do what’s best for kids!  Last night was a testament to that.

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One Response to “I’m here to do what’s best for kids” – David Bressman

  1. cs says:

    It’s called leadership.

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