The new teachers are coming…..The new teachers are coming…

Yesterday (8/2/12) we held the first of our new teacher orientation days. This year we decided to bring the new teachers in early in August for a day to orient them to Worthington Schools.  Our goal was to help them understand the history of the school district, our focus for student learning, and how we expect them to interact with students, parents and colleagues. Later this month they will come back to learn nuts and bolts about their teaching assignment, assessment, etc. In the past we have tried to do all of this the week before school begins but found that the new teachers had so much on their mind in getting their new classroom ready that it was hard for them to focus.

This year we will bring around 50 new teachers to Worthington Schools. In my talk with the new teachers I emphasized two main things: New Teacher Orientation
1. Our Instructional Priorities
2. Building Relationships and Going the Extra Mile for kids

In 1996 I was a new teacher in Worthington sitting in my own orientation in the cafeteria at Thomas Worthington High School.  I remember being there and being scared to death.  I don’t remember much else.  Our goal today was to provide our new teachers with an early very positive introduction to Worthington Schools.  Hopefully, even if they remember little of what was said yesterday, they will remember how we made them feel.

It’s exciting to see this many new educators join our team.  Somewhere in the room today is the next Tim Dove, Janet Lanka, Debby Fuller, John Jordan, Dave Murphy, etc…These teachers will impact the lives of students and the best of these teachers will impact lives for generations.

p.s.  They are new teachers, please help them, guide them, and support them.  They’ll need it!

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