I stopped in to Liberty Elementary to check on their progress towards opening day. It’s a week before school begins and already the school is a bee hive of activity. Parents are checking class lists, teachers are decorating their classrooms and meeting with colleagues to plan integrated units of instruction, kindergarten students are meeting with their teacher to be assessed.

Not only was the level of activity striking, the level of pride the Liberty custodians and staff have taken to ready their building was exceptional. The hallway floors are clean enough to eat off of and shiny enough to see your reflection in. They are so sensitive to the hallway condition for opening day that staff are asked to only walk on paper laid over the hallway for its protection. These small details matter.

Liberty has a new principal this school year. Holly Coombs is a veteran principal of 16 years who is transitioning from Cincinnati to Worthington. Her experience and fresh perspective should help Liberty look at things in new ways, while holding on to what’s important to Liberty families. When I spoke to Holly yesterday she talked of listening to families, and to staff, while also infusing her ideas. That’s our hope. Keep what’s really good, respect tradition, but help us move forward.

My visit to Liberty told me the school is ready for a new school year. All teachers will be at school on Friday (most were there when I was), kids will be in school Tuesday. The floors are ready, the new principal is ready, It should be a great year at Liberty!

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