Cards, Wolves and A Smile….

Cool things happen in Life! Sometimes in the midst of a mess the cool things are more apparent. That’s where I am today. Over the past few weeks life has risen up and slapped us around a bit. It happens to everyone, in that we’re not unique. Over the past week and a half, my great-uncle Paul passed away, my mom had a stroke (she’s doing great, don’t worry) and our Chocolate Lab died.  (And like all Worthington parents, we’re frantically going from store to store trying to find the exact colors of EXPO 2 markers and two pocket folders required by the school supply list….)

On to the cool part:  my uncle was a resident of Friendship Village in Dublin.  He had a one bedroom apartment that I would estimate at 750  square feet.  Not a lot of space.  In working this week to begin cleaning his possessions out, we were discussing what each of us might want to keep.  He had a picture of a Cardinal in the winter painted by my late aunt, wildlife artist, Terry Russell.  Having grown up as a Worthington Cardinal and now working as the Assistant Superintendent in Worthington I thought that the Cardinal picture might work well in my office.  (Not to mention I am often asked why I don’t have artwork hanging in my office.  Duh, I’m a man!  I have a computer screen and a chair.  Why would I need artwork?  However, in trying to create a more welcoming atmosphere both our communications director and my wife believe pictures are necessary.)

Last night I went to Friendship Village to retrieve the Cardinal picture.  When I arrived I found something I had never noticed before.  A picture also painted by my aunt, of Grey Wolves.  Cardinals and Wolves.  Now, that is a reflection of my life, a reflection of our school district and a really cool connection between my personal and professional being.

Sometime this weekend I will attempt to hang these two paintings in my office.  They will remind me of my uncle and my aunt.  They will symbolize two great high schools, The Worthington Kilbourne Wolves and The Thomas Worthington Cardinals and hopefully they will make my space a bit more welcoming.  If you’re ever on Wilson Bridge Road, please stop by and take a look.  I’ll pour you a cup of coffee and we can talk about Worthington.

Cards and Wolves make me smile!

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3 Responses to Cards, Wolves and A Smile….

  1. Gale says:

    Awesome Trent!

  2. Kelley says:

    That is really cool Trent! I’m glad you’ll be enjoying those pictures. I have the Cardinal painting too. I was touched by your story, and happy for you that the pictures will have such meaning for you when you hang them. ha, I’m with Doreen, you have to decorate!

  3. Stephanie Gereluk says:

    I have the print “Stirring Leaves”. My mother is a Tornes; Eileen Allison. I am sharing this print with her today!

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