A Simple Concept That Packs a Powerful Message

 Earlier this week WBNS 10tv spoke to Worthington Director of Innovation and School Support, Jeff Maddox (10tv Interview).  Jeff’s role within the district is multifaceted.  One of his main responsibilities is to help schools implement innovative practices. In this areas he helps our International Baccalaureate schools, he supports or STEM cohorts, and he supervises Linworth Alternative Program and Phoenix Alternative Middle School.  Last year Jeff worked with high school teachers to implement a blended learning cohort of students and teachers to help at-risk students transition from middle school to high school successfully.  This year he is partnering with TRECA and our high schools to create online courses for Worthington students.  That’s one side of Jeff’s work.

The other side of Jeff’s work is in safety and security.  He makes certain that all schools have safety teams in place, that emergency plans are up to date, and that relationships with local law enforcement are positive.  What I most appreciate about Jeff is the view he has on safety.  He understands that physical safety is just a part of safety.  Every student in Worthington must also feel emotionally safe.  Last spring Jeff initiated our district-wide culture and climate survey.  He realized when this was launched that we may not like all of the results of this survey, but confronting the brutal facts would be the first step to making the necessary changes.

Jeff is now working hard with our school  principals to analyze their building culture climate results and to create teams at each school that will actively work to make culture and climate improvements.  One area that he has championed is our student led anti-bully campaign “One Leg At A Time.”  One Leg at A Time is a student led organization that originated at Worthington Kilbourne High School and has been supported by teacher Lori Povisil.

One Leg At a time touts themselves as “A Simple Concept That Packs a Powerful Message”

Did you know that no matter your race, gender, age, sexual preference, height, weight, hair color, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, etc. we all share two things in common? One is that we are all human; the other is that we all put our pants on the same way – One Leg at a Time!

Think about that for a minute. How can anyone be better than you, or make you feel powerless, when every morning they get dressed just like you?

On the flip side of that, how can you be better than anyone else, when you both get dressed the same way…One leg at a time?

Together Lori and Jeff are working to create student led groups in all 19 Worthington Schools.  Their goal is to help students take ownership of their schools and ownership of  their relationships with one another.  They seek to help students create a positive culture where students feel respected by one another and by the adults at the school.

Hopefully the next time 10tv interviews Mr. Maddox it is to talk about our dramatic culture change and positive school climate.  He’s working hard to make this happen.

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