Around Worthington

In a school district like Worthington there is always something really cool going on.  In my position I am only able to catch a glimpse of the many people daily making a difference in the lives of kids and in the lives of families.  Here are a few things from the last week that I enjoyed.

At Friday night’s TWHS v. WKHS football game the coaches and the team captains from the 1992 teams served as honorary game captains and participated in the coin flip.  These are the captains from TWHS, Derrin Ritchie, Tom Worthington, Marc Amos, Antonio Benton and coach Terry Lichtenberg.  As a 1991 graduate I grew-up with these guys.  We all look a little bit older (just a little bit older) but it’s fun to see these guys who still love Worthington in Cardinal jerseys.

One of the things I most enjoy about my job is working with incredibly passionate and dedicated volunteers.  This group of WKHS parents was at the football game Friday night in the 93 degree heat helping to build awareness for issue 53 and 54 the two funding requests that will appear on the November ballot.  These parents believe that the funding requests are critical to continue the current services and to protect the proven results of our school district.  No one is paying these parents, and they certainly could have found something more comfortable to do with their Friday night.  Our school district is a great school district because our parents care deeply and invest their time in making the schools better.  For more information on how to volunteer see

I love to see school spirit.  Obviously knowing the final score of WKHS 37- TWHS 3 this picture of the TWHS students must have been before the game.  How about our kids!  A “Red Out” for a Football team that hasn’t had a winning season in over a decade.  Good stuff!

Last Monday I was able to witness Granby Elementary’s opening ceremony and Olympic themed assembly.  The picture above is of Granby Principal, Patti Schlaegel, and “Wellness Man” (aka, Granby Phys. Ed. Teacher, Rick Armstrong.)  The assembly was a great success.  Students learned important information and everyone had fun.  My lasting impression was that of “Wellness Man.”  It takes a real man to show-up in front of 500 students and 40 staff members in tights.  I applaud Mr. Armstrong and his dedication to doing whatever is necessary to make kids smile.  He’s clearly a better man than I will ever be.

If you have been to Worthington Kilbourne High School lately you have likely noticed the new signage.  Over the summer months Kilbourne Principal, Angie Adrean, and Assistant Principal, Ken Nally worked to create new signage throughout the school.  Entering WKHS you are now greeted with clear signage that not only articulates in a positive way information about the school, but also utilizes school colors.  These are the types of little things that can make a big difference in how people perceive the school.  They say, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” and the first impression at WKHS is now outstanding.

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