Playground Clean-Up

Last weekend my daughter’s school held a semi-annual playground clean-up day. Parents and students joined together to trim bushes, put down new mulch, clean playground equipment, and generally do outside maintenance to improve the exterior grounds of the school.

In Worthington we employee 9 buildings and grounds workers.  These men work diligently to do the best job they can.  However they are responsible for 21 different facilities and almost 400 acres of grass that needs mowed weekly.  In addition they line all athletic fields for practice and competition.  Thus, during the mowing season of fall and spring, very little time is left over to trim bushes, edge flower beds, etc.

Because we are staffed as lean as we think is possible in this area, and we do not bring in additional seasonal help, the school district relies upon parents and students to volunteer their time to maintain the exterior school grounds.  Luckily in Worthington there is a shared commitment to the school community and we have a number of dedicated people who will give-up their Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon to help clean-up a school.

I’ve worked in other school districts and I have never seen people make this type of commitment on such a regular basis.  As users of the playground, both during school hours, and often after school hours, my family needed to pitch in and help.  So that’s how Sunday afternoon was spent.  It’s time well spent and as a school district we appreciate the many hours of sweat equity that our volunteers put into our schools.

Worthington is a community that works together and plays together.  Playground clean-up is work that allows our kids to PLAY hard!

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