Rob Smith

Last weekend one of my daughters participated in a soccer clinic created by Liberty Elementary physical education teacher Rob Smith.  In addition to his duties as a teacher in Worthington, Rob, who is a former professional soccer player with the Columbus Crew, is the Director of Worthington Soccer.

At the beginning of the soccer clinic Rob spoke to all parents about his philosophy of soccer, and of how sports fit into life.  I was so impressed with Rob and thankful that we have someone of his caliber working with our kids both in school, and out of school.  Rob talked to parents about “Enthusiasm and Hard Work.”  He explained that he coaches students to attack soccer, and life, with enthusiasm, and hard work, and that by pairing the two, success is usually the result.

Not only did his words on ethusiasm and hard work resonate with me for my kids, and also for our teaching staff, but Rob went on to say that for him, “soccer is as good a sport as any other.”  Ie…if kids love playing soccer, great.  Let them play.  But, if they would rather play something else, let them play something else.  In his mind, being engaged in something productive was most important.  This is good advice to a group of parents who have carted their kids to a soccer clinic, and extra good advice coming from a former professional soccer player.

Finally, Rob echoed many a parent’s thought’s when he said, that for his own family “We want our children involved in sports but we don’t want sports to run their lives!”

I’ve known Rob to an excellent physical education teacher.  He models the enthusiasm and hard work that he talked with parents about.  He often rides his bicycle to school and works hard to provide opportunities for Liberty students to engage in physical activity in a variety of different ways.

Listening to Rob speak reinforced what I have seen in his actions.  Worthington Schools is lucky to have Rob Smith as a teacher.  The Worthington community is lucky to have him working with soccer.

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3 Responses to Rob Smith

  1. Vicki says:

    Couldn’t agree more!

  2. Mary says:

    We love Mr Smith. My kids come home all excited on the days they have class with him!

  3. pschlaegel says:

    Well said! Rob is one of Worthington’s finest. A true talent.

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