The Little Things Make a Big Difference…Part 2

Earlier this summer I posted a blog entry about a postcard my daughter received from her first grade teacher. In “The Little Things Make a Big Difference” I explained how a teacher went out of her way to take the time to mail my daughter a postcard from vacation, and how making that extra effort had such a positive effect.

This past weekend we had a similar experience.  My daughter plays recreation soccer in Worthington and thus plays most games on Saturday morning.  Her team is made up of second grade students who attend several different schools.  This weekend they played a 9:00 a.m. game at Slate Hill Elementary.

I can’t speak for most parents, but while I love watching my kids perform, spending every Saturday at three soccer games is not always high on my list of “want to’s.”  This Saturday was no exception, and when the thermostat read 47 degrees after a hot summer, we were all certain that the “soccer field winds” would blow and freeze us out.  Thus, I didn’t head to the games with great excitement.  However, on the way to the field my daughter was excited.  She said, “Dad, I think Mrs. Stewart is going to come to the game today.”  I was skeptical.  Mrs Stewart is a great kindergarten teacher, I mean really, really great.  But even the great ones have limits.  She’s a kindergarten teacher and my daughter is now in second grade.  Not only does she have a full class of kindergarten students this year, she had one last year as well.  Two years have passed since she was my daughter’s teacher.  There is no possible way she has the time, energy, or desire to come to this game.  Or so I thought….

As is often the case, I was wrong.  There standing with our group of parents was my daughter’s teacher.  My daughter’s teacher from two years ago!!!!  Several of the girls on this team were in Mrs. Stewart’s class.  To say they were excited would be an understatement.

I love people who go the extra mile.  Those rare people who understand that it’s the little things in life, the extra efforts that really show you care.  We have many teachers in Worthington who take this extra step.  Mrs. Stewart is just one, however she is one who has touched the life of my family and many other families.  She does it because she’s really good in the classroom and because she’s willing to do the little things that others won’t.

I took the picture above from Facebook.  It was posted by a parent on this team with the caption “Goooo Olympians, 9-0 win and their fabulous kindergarten teacher was there to watch.”  I wasn’t the only person to notice.  The little things really do make a big difference!

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