WKHS Lip-Dub

Earlier this school year the students and staff at Worthington Kilbourne High School produced a “Lip-Dub”. I must admit that this is the first time I had ever heard the phrase “Lip-Dub” but I love the video. Set to music the camera follows Worthington Kilbourne students and staff through the hallowed hallways to WKHS. Students dressed and lined up according to the groups they associate themselves with. The video does a nice job of showcasing the many different students in our schools.

The video also does a nice job of showcasing students having fun! Yep, fun at school! It’s OK for students to have fun in our schools. Actually we encourage it. WKHS took fun during the school day to a whole new level.

This is student leadership at it’s finest. The students organized the video, participated in the video, and behaved in such a way that Principal Angie Adrean could support the video. We have great kids. At the end of the video there are almost 1200 students in the gym with baseball bats, lacrosse sticks, hockey sticks, etc. That’s a big risk, and one that couldn’t be taken in most public schools across the U.S. In Worthington it’s still OK.

The students at WKHS may not remember what they had for lunch yesterday and they may not remember the details of a book they were assigned in English class. But, I suspect at their ten and twenty year class reunion they will remember the fun they had during their “Lip-Dub.” And, that’s part of the positive experience of coming to high school in Worthington.

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