Mr. Nally to the Press Box…

It’s Football Friday Night again. Tonight I will be at Worthington Kilbourne High School for the dedication of their new scoreboard. These are exciting times with facility upgrades in Worthington. WKHS’ scoreboard will be operational this evening and will significantly clean-up and modernize the look of the facility.

 Yesterday I was able to attend the dedication and opening of the new 400 meter track and football field at Worthingway. This facility which was part of the 2006 Bond Issue, is a major upgrade both for the school and the community.

Over the past two years Thomas Worthington has completely renovated their stadium with the installation of field turf, a new scoreboard, and upgrades to the press box, the locker rooms and the concession stand.  All of these upgrades are long overdue in Worthington, but it’s fun to watch them come to fruition.

Tonight it’s WKHS’s turn.  The last game I was at, at WKHS, was a few weeks ago against Olentangy Orange.  Home football games are awesome.  I love the band, the school spirit, and at WKHS the Wolves football team entering the field with the student section above them going crazy.  It’s just awesome!  However, from a school administrator view, home football games can be difficult.  Sometimes students, or fans, make poor decisions and it’s rare we get through an entire game without some sort of issue.  Some nights are easier than others.

Thus at the Orange game the public address announcer used the PA to ask Mr. Nally to come to the press box.  Ken Nally is the Assistant Principal at WKHS in charge of student discipline.  When I heard the call go out for Mr. Nally I immediately assumed the worst.  Something has gone wrong and a beautiful night was about to get more difficult.  I was standing on the track speaking with the amazing WKHS counselor, Brianna Abbott.  Mr. Nally was only ten feet behind us engaged in a conversation with a Columbus Police Officer.  Both Brianna and I heard the PA announcement, but it didn’t seem like Mr. Nally did.  So, after a minute or so, Brianna went over to tell Ken he had been called to the press box.  Ken confirmed that he had heard the call but he did not really make an effort to head that way.

At this point I’m growing concerned.  I’m the boss and responsible ultimately.  Mr. Nally is showing very little urgency and we obviously have a situation that we need to attend to if the PA was used to summon Mr. Nally.  My mind is racing.  Did we have students abuse alcohol?  Did we have two parents get into a fight?  Is an elementary age student missing?  Should I go to the press box myself?  Where’s Ms. Adrean?  Do we have an adequate number of police officers to calm the situation?

Well….it turns out I should have gone to the press box.  The rest of the story is this:  there was not a discipline situation.  All students and fans were well-behaved.  A beautiful night of high school football would remain beautiful and uneventful, except for the action on the field.  Mr. Nally was being called to the press box because his dinner had been delivered from the Rusty Bucket.  The kind PA announcer just didn’t want it to get cold.

Tonight I’ll be back at WKHS for a scoreboard dedication.  I wonder if I can get some Rusty Bucket delivered???

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