Just Another Night in Worthington

Tuesday night was just another night in Worthington Schools. It’s amazing to work in a school district that offers so much to students and families that you can’t get to half of the events you need to in a given night.

I began my Tuesday evening at Thomas Worthington High School for a Drug Safe Worthington presentation entitled “It Takes a Community to…Just Say No!” At 6:00 P.M. the cafeteria was filled with pizza donated from local businesses. Following the all-you-could-eat, free pizza, we heard a presentation in the main auditorium from the residents of West Central Community Correctional Facility. The residents shared their experiences with substances and their intense personal battles with drug addiction. Following the main session break-out sessions were held to help families learn more about teen alcohol and drug usage. This was a great event and a similar event will be repeated at WKHS on Tuesday, October 30th. You’ll want to attend.

From TWHS I headed north on 315 to Granby Elementary. Granby was hosting a “World Premier” event for their school Lip Dub. Coincidentally, the Lip Dub was also my acting debut. (Be prepared, it’s not good. The Lip Dub is awesome. My acting, not so much!)I like the Lip Dub. I like anything that brings a school together, that excites kids in a positive way, and engages parents. When I arrived at Granby there was nowhere to park. When I entered the gym, it was full (like, I pray the Fire Marshall doesn’t show-up, full). Staff, parents, kids and Granby alumni had come out to view the video. So, so cool! It’s great to be a Granby Gator right now, and I was honored to be asked to participate.

Leaving Granby the parking lots at WKHS were also full. A high school choir concert was in full swing and I would have liked to be able to attend. However, I needed to head back south on 315 to arrive at the McConnell Arts Center. The MAC was hosting a candidates night and Worthington parent, Jennifer Economus, was speaking in favor or Issues 53 and 54 on the November 6th ballot.

Tuesday was a good night in Worthington. Tonight will be another good night. On Friday, both high schools will host home football games. Just another night in Worthington!

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3 Responses to Just Another Night in Worthington

  1. Rick Armstrong says:

    Thanks for your willingness to support the LipDub! It was a hoot and we were super pumped that you were able to film with us and join us for the Granby viewing! You’re right, IT IS great to be Gator!!

  2. pschlaegel says:

    Reblogged this on A Fine, Fine School! and commented:
    Just another night in Worthington, but a very special night for our fine, fine school! Go Gators!!

  3. Sycamore Elementary LOVES your school lip dub! Great job!

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