Senior Night

It’s Senior Night for both of our high school football teams. Tonight WKHS is at home vs. Hard Road rival, Dublin Scioto. TWHS is at home against Olentangy Liberty. For many of our players tonight is the last time they will put the pads on and play a game they love. For their parents it is the end of a long journey that likely began sometime in elementary school.

Tonight it’s football’s turn, but this is a scene that has played out on the field hockey team, in the pool with water polo, and across all of our fall sports. For each senior there is a finality to the last home event. For parents there is an equal finality. Hopefully the season has been a positive experience and both the athlete and the family can look back fondly on the long journey. Hopefully they have learned to work hard, to play through pain, to be part of a team, and hopefully they have increased their “grit.”

My thoughts tonight are at Worthington Kilbourne where my friends Bill and Cathy Wahoff will watch their son Eric play Safety for the Wolves one last time. They’ll see Eric assemble with his team under the bleachers and listen to the crowd shake the stands as the team prepares to run out onto Jeff Gafford field. Elementary age boys from Liberty, Granby, Brookside, Bluffsview and Worthington Hills will fantasize about the day they too get to make their entrance as a Wolf.

For our seniors tonight marks the end of one part of their journey. It will be a good night in Worthington. (Rain and All.)

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One Response to Senior Night

  1. Bill Wahoff says:

    Thanks Dr. Bowers, We greatly appreciate your thoughts expressed in this piece. Bill Wahoff

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