Shilpa Time!

We’re just over a week away until Worthington Schools residents will cast their ballot on Issues 53 and 54. You can read more about Issues 53 and 54 or at the website.

Residents in the Worthington School District will vote on TWO issues this November:  An incremental operating levy that funds day-to-day operations. It starts at 4.9 mills and phases-in to 6.9 mills over three years.  A no new millage bond issue to maintain and repair facilities and purchase technology and buses for students.

School funding in Ohio requires districts to ask the community for resources at periodic intervals.  In Worthington our school board has put us on a pattern of reasonable levies at reasonable increments.  (Usually, every three years.)  Regardless, asking your neighbors for a tax increase is a very difficult job.  While this is never easy, the benefit is that we see many community members “step-up to the plate” for their community and partner with the school district.

One such volunteer is Mrs. Shilpa Marano.  Shipla is a parent of two elementary age boys in Worthington.  Before this campaign season our paths had never crossed.  Over the past few months I have had some contact with Shipla almost every day.  As a volunteer she has given up nights and weekends to get the word out to our community regarding the schools.  She has coordinated a small army of volunteers and she herself has spoken to several different community organizations.

I’m always amazed and thankful when we come across selfless people who are willing to give of themselves for the success of the district.  Shilpa is one of many of these folks who I have encountered over the last few weeks.  The names are too many to name here, but you know who you are.  THANK YOU!  Thank You for giving of yourself for the betterment of our community.  Thank You for sacrificing time at home to give time to better your schools.

Schools really are a reflection of the community they are in.  Without invested volunteers we cannot educate children to the level that is necessary in 2012.  Sometimes campaigns bring out the worst in people.  Sometimes they bring out the best.  This campaign season I’ve been lucky to meet a whole bunch of dedicated people who give of themselves.  Shilpa represents this group.

So that’s our new phrase at the WEC.  Whenever we need a dedicated volunteer:  It’s Shilpa Time!

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