Colonial Hills Cross Country

Last Friday afternoon the Colonial Hills Elementary Cross Country Team hosted a dual meet with the Rocking Recess Runners from Worthington Estates. The athletes competed on the legendary home turf of Colonial Hills, The South Field.

Colonial Hills takes their cross country team seriously. Students run each day at recess and physical education teacher, John Blaine works with each student to set goals, track their mileage and push students towards greater success.

This year at Worthington Estates, parent and super runner, Jen Shaver, started the “Rocking Recess Runners.” Jen is an accomplished runner and she is passionate about helping others to gain the benefits of running and to pass on her sport to the next generation.

Running is a great sport for kids and adults. Not only are there obvious health benefits, but students can set individual goals and track their individual progress. They learn to work hard and to push through pain. Both Colonial Hills and Worthington Estates are more interested in helping each child improve from where they begin than they are with identifying future high school runners.

For the elementary cross country meet the students run a one mile course. Mr. Blaine marks the course off personally and if you know Mr. Blaine, you know the course is exactly one mile. Parents volunteer to time students and to help students find their way on the course. Students get a chance to compete with one another and to run in front of cheering fans and classmates.

None of this could happen without a dedicated Physical Education teacher and a dedicated parent volunteer. We’re thankful for the work of John and Jen.

I don’t have results from the cross country meet. But from personal experience I’d say that Colonial Hills is hard to beat when they’re on the South Field. Competition can be a good thing. From where I sit, everyone who participated on Friday is a winner. They were there. They were running. They were getting better personally.

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One Response to Colonial Hills Cross Country

  1. Rachael Estepp says:

    Thanks for the positive press, Trent! Can’t wait to see more CC runners out to Colonial Hills tomorrow, Nov.1 and next Thursday, Nov. 8!

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