Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving!

We have much to be thankful for this fall in Worthington!!! Thanks to our incredible teaching staff, and our dedicated administrative staff’s hard work, we were recognized as an Excellent with Distinction School District by the Ohio Department of Education. On election day Worthington Schools received overwhelming community support on Issues 53 and 54, and thus, our financial picture is as stable as a school district in Ohio’s financial picture can be. Furthermore each day our schools are making steady strides to get better in every area.

Across the district this fall, students in Worthington celebrated amazing athletic accomplishments. Several of our schools were recognized for excellence in STEM education. Our One Leg At A Time, student led anti-bully effort, was asked to present at a national conference. Drug Safe Worthington partnered with multiple community organizations to help educate Worthington families and the list can go on and on.

Personally I am thankful for a committed group of volunteers who met every Thursday at 7:45 a.m. to make a positive difference in our schools. I’m extremely thankful for Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Fuller and Mrs. Hilbert (my daughter’s teachers) who daily impact those who are most important to me in a positive way. I’m thankful to live and work in a community that values kids and values diverse experiences for kids. I’m thankful to work with a group of administrators who I think are unmatched in their work ethic and dedication to kids.

Today is a day to rest and be thankful. Wherever you are today I hope you have that opportunity.

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