“Yep, we’re those parents…”

photo[1]In my work for Worthington Schools I face a fair number of challenges.  Yesterday we held a meeting for all K-12 Principals and Counselors to make certain that they all understood the Common Core Math Standards and the Common Core Language Arts Standards, and then, will be able to communicate the changes to their school community.  I helped deal with a middle school evacuation because of a gas odor, and I helped problem solve a bus full of students and no bus driver.  None of my challenges at work come close to the challenges of being a parent.

I have three children who attend Worthington Schools.  All are elementary age.  Each night we try to sort through stacks of papers from the school to determine what needs kept, what can be thrown away, what homework needs completed, who is buying lunch, who is packing lunch, who needs to bring in snack, and when soccer sign-ups start.  On and on it goes.  Sometimes we feel good about our parenting and our ability to manage the chaos we love.  Sometimes, not so much….

Yesterday was in the not so much category.  As the Assistant Superintendent for the school district I feel some pressure to set a positive example, both at work, and with my children.  I’d like for my children to follow the school rules, attend school regularly, etc.  I’d like for us as parents to also follow the rules.

Around 9:30 A.M. yesterday morning I received an email from my daughter’s kindergarten teacher.  Apparently my sweet daughter got out of the house and went to school without shoes but instead only her ballet slippers.  No real shoes, no real soles, no protection from the elements, and certainly no real safety on the playground.  Stink.  Honestly, if my kids all three make it to school with most of their belongings, clothed, and in one piece, it has been a successful morning.  But, really, ballet slippers and no shoes!  Stink.  Not our best parenting morning.  I’m sure she looked cute though.

To Mrs. Evans, I’m sorry.  We’re trying the best we can.  This parenting thing is much more difficult that it looks.

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One Response to “Yep, we’re those parents…”

  1. pschlaegel says:

    This is too cute! Trent, don’t be too hard on yourself about ballet slippers. This will be a classic Bowers family story. You still have the middle school and high school years coming. Now if she’s still wearing her ballet slippers then…

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