The Choir Concert

photo (12)Last week I had the pleasure to attend both the afternoon and evening choir concerts at Evening Street Elementary.  A few things struck me regarding the concerts.

First, WOW, we have amazing community support.  The 12:45 P.M. concert (pictured above) was packed.  There were parents, grandparents, neighbors, and friends, all jammed into the school gymnasium to watch the 4th, 5th and 6th graders perform.  I believe that schools are a reflection of their community and it is easy to see why Worthington has great schools, we have GREAT support!

photo (14)Second, over the past five years Worthington elementary related arts teachers (Art, Music, Physical Education) have been asked to do more with less resources.  That’s not unique, as that is what everyone in both the public and private sector has been asked to do.  In this case, many of our elementary related arts teachers are asked to teach more classes, and larger classes, than had been asked in previous years.  I appreciate that Evening Street music teacher, Mrs. Jarzecki, has prioritized extra opportunities for kids (like choir) and gives her own time at lunch and after school to practice with the students so the show can go on.  It’s this kind of dedication that we find in many Worthington teachers that creates life-long positive memories for kids.

Third, I’m amazed at the talents that kids today possess.  In this concert several students accompanied the choir singing on their violin.  For another song, a musically gifted sixth grade student, accompanied the choir on her guitar.   The students not only possess the natural ability, but also the confidence to perform in front of 600 onlookers and their peers.  As a 10-12 year old student I would not have had this confidence.  It’s really cool to see that our students today do.  I believe it will serve them well in the years to come.

Finally, as the parent of a choir member, while I enjoyed the music immensely, I must admit that I won’t totally miss hearing the songs being sung in our living room each night, before, during and after dinner.

This December make it a point to attend a musical performance at one of our 19 schools.  You’ll be glad you did!

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