Kevin Mack – Ohio Machine

Kevin MackLast week a cool thing happened that you might not have heard much about.  In the 8th round of the Major League Lacrosse draft former Worthington Kilbourne High School student Kevin Mack was drafted by the Ohio Machine.

Kevin is a Worthington kid through and through.  Not only was he a member of the 2009 Wolves team that won the State Championship, but he is the son of Tim and Dawn Mack, both extraordinary Worthington Schools teachers.  After graduating from Worthington Kilbourne Kevin continued his education and his lacrosse career at The Ohio State University.  Now, he’ll have the opportunity to keep playing at the professional level here in Central Ohio with the Ohio Machine.  Furthermore, he will be united with Ohio Machine assistant coach and Worthington Hills teacher, Bill0611wo63292-018at Wolford.

A long, long, long time ago, back in high school, I was a Worthington Lacrosse player.  When I was a young teacher in Worthington I assisted Bill Wolford as a lacrosse coach at Worthington Kilbourne.  In 2009 when the Wolves beat Upper Arlington at Upper Arlington, to win the state championship, and when Patrick Riffee jumped into his dad’s (head coach at WKHS at the time and current Worthignway teacher, Mike Riffee) arms I had tears in my eyes.

I’ve never been to an Ohio Machine game but now, I, and anyone who loves Worthington Lacrosse, has another reason to support the team.  One of our own, Kevin Mack, will have an opportunity to represent Worthington and continue to compete in front of family and friends.

Our students leave Worthington Schools and go off to do an incredible array of amazing things.  This is just another example.  Go Machine!

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One Response to Kevin Mack – Ohio Machine

  1. Dawn Mack says:

    Hello Trent,

    Thank you for your nice blog about Kevin. This was very exciting news for him!

    We wanted to let you know a little story that connects to this event. When Kevin was in sixth grade, there was an important levy on the ballot. If it didn’t pass, athletics at the middle school were threatened. Kevin and Drew Reiter (mom, Lori Reiter, teaches at Granby) wrote letters to the school board and spoke at a board meeting to share their concerns. They asked the community to support the levy and promised that if the levy passed, they would do everything they could to “win games and be scholar athletes every quarter!” Other classmates were in the audience to give support. They were SO happy when the levy passed because it meant that they would have an opportunity to represent their school on the athletic field! Sure enough, they were scholar athletes every quarter through middle/ high school and they did win a lot of games! We are sure that the pride they had in their athletic teams was a powerful incentive to keep adolescent boys striving for academic success!

    By the way, Drew Reiter is a tight end for Wheaton College where he is in his senior year as a pre-med student. Aaron Kingcade, one of the friends in the audience, is the quarterback for Otterbein College. He’s an education major recently named to the 2012 Capital One Academic All-District Football Team. Other friends in the audience were Colt Carnahan (Safety for Heidelburg’s football team), Mike Johnson (son of Chris Johnson, Brookside teacher) and Brandon Best (mom, board member Jennifer Best). Mike and Brandon are both education majors that have coached high school sports throughout their college years.

    Our point is that we have SO much to be thankful for in the amazing education that was bestowed on these Worthington boys. They were blessed to have wonderful, caring teachers and dedicated, high energy coaches to help them get to where they are today. We appreciate the hard work that went into the excellent programming both in the classroom and on the athletic field here in Worthington and are so proud that they all are making big contributions in their world today!

    Grateful Parents,
    Tim and Dawn Mack

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