Paperless Report Cards

report%20cardIt’s grade card time in Worthington Schools. Only, for the first time ever, no one will be bringing home a grade card. We’ve entered the 21st century (13 years late, but we’re there) and we’ve gone paperless. It has been several years since our secondary schools printed report cards, but with our move to Infinite Campus this year we have decided that grade cards will be available only online unless a parent requests a paper copy.

All elementary parents should have received a notification much like I received from my child’s school it stated: “As we have just ended the second grading period, teachers will begin to enter second quarter grades.   All grades are to be entered into Infinite Campus by January 22, 2013. Please be patient with the teachers as they are still learning the system! Related Arts grades will also be available for second quarter. After January 22nd, if you have any questions about missing grades, please contact your child?s teacher.

middleGrade cards will not be sent home due to the constant availability of grades online. If you would like a grade card you may print your own from the Reports menu item. If you are unable to print grade cards and would like a hard copy please notify your child?s teacher. “

I have the Infinite Campus App on both my IPhone and IPad. It’s not quite as comprehensive as when I access Infinite Campus on our website but it’s super easy and keeps me updated on my student’s progress. As a traditionalist I’ll miss seeing the manila envelope come home and signing the front to show that I did indeed receive the report card, but change is also good.
As Angie Adrean says often, “No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship! Programs come and go, but relationships will always be the heart and soul of public education.”

Infinite Campus allows parents to have 24/7 access to their child’s academic data, but that does not remove our responsibility as educators to initiate contact via phone, email or face-to-face (P/T conferences). If a child is not demonstrating growth or if they are failing, it is our responsibility to reach out to the parents. This is a means of which we can build upon our relationships. It’s okay to ask the parent for help. Parents can be a resource for us as they know their child best. We need the help of their parents/guardians to achieve success for our students…………..reach out and work as a team! Likewise as parents it is important that we reach out to teachers and seek their guidance and expertise. Together we will help all children grow and achieve.

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  1. Ang says:

    Always enjoy reading your Blog……….Thanks for all that you do!

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