The First Wave of Retirements

Dove_Delisle_1At tonight’s (1.28.13) regularly scheduled Board of Education Meeting not only will the school board hear a presentation regarding school safety in Worthington Schools, but they will accept the resignation by retirement of 20 Worthington teachers and one Worthington administrator.

For several years we have predicted that due to the experience level of our teaching staff we would see a significant turnover of teachers in Worthington.  With the recent changes to the State Teachers Retirement System teachers at retirement age have a significant incentive to retire this school year and not to wait.  We expect that possibly as many as 40-50 of our teachers will make this decision.  Tonight’s group is the first wave.

Larry G.There are many names on this list that I have personal connections with.  Tim Dove (the 2011 Ohio Teacher of the year) was my seventh grade social studies teacher at Perry Middle School in 1985.  I split time in Tim’s class listening to his stories and passing notes to Katie Worden.  (The check “yes” or “no” kind of notes.  Usually she checked “no”.)  When I was the Dean of Students in 1999 at McCord Middle School Katie Cicero was the Physical Education teacher.  She was an incredible worker who could be counted on to give her all to the school, not only in the classroom, but in whatever needed done.  My sister went to Worthington Kilbourne High School and was blessed to learn music under the tutelage of the incredibly talented Larry Griffin.  I grew-up with Gail Wetterauer’s kids and spent many hours watching Mike Riffee and Terry Licthenberg coached teams.

Each of the names on the list for retirement have made a difference in our schools and in our community.  Sheila Green is a living legend at Colonial Hills, and Dr. Brenda Toler may be the best known Gifted and Talented Coordinator in Ohio.

There is no easy way to replace our retiring teachers.  By choosing to retire this early in the school year they have affirmed their commitment to Worthington Schools and allow us the best opportunity to find a great replacement for them.

Organizations are made up of people.  We have a great school district in Worthington because of the great people inside this organization and those outside who provide so much support.  I’m grateful for educators who have given their professional life to this community.  This Spring when you have the opportunity please tell them how much you appreciate their service.


Name                                           Assignment

TOLER, BRENDA K                          Coordinator Gifted Program

Effective 06/30/2013                          Gifted Services


Name                                           Assignment

ALLSOP, JOANNE                            Mathematics

Effective 05/31/2013                          Thomas Worthington HS

BEYER, REBECCA                           Gifted/Talented Education

Effective 05/31/2013                          Granby Elementary

CICERO, KATIE                                 Physical Education

Effective 05/31/2013                          Worthington Estates Elementary

COLLINS, KAREN S                          Educational  Media

Effective 05/31/2013                          Bluffsview Elementary

DOVE, TIMOTHY M                        Social Studies

Effective 05/31/2013                          Phoenix Middle School

DOWNIE, SANDRA                           Grade 3

Effective 05/31/2013                          Wilson Hill Elementary

GREEN, SHEILA                                Kindergarten

Effective 05/31/2013                          Colonial Hills Elementary

GRIFFIN, LARRY                               Music 7-12

Effective 05/31/2013                          Worthington Kilbourne HS


Effective 05/31/2013                          Slate Hill Elementary

LAIRD, SUZANNE                             Educational Media

Effective 05/31/2013                          Wilson Hill Elementary

LICHTENBERG, TERRY R           Occupational Work Adj-ME

Effective 05/31/2013                           Thomas Worthington HS


Effective 05/31/2013                           Wilson Hill Elementary

MCLOUGHLIN, WILLIAM           Educational Media

Effective 05/31/2013                             Brookside Elementary

MITCHELL, SUSAN                           Reading (K-12)

Effective 05/31/2013                            Wilson Hill Elementary

MYERS, JANET A                                Counselor

Effective 06/30/2013                            Thomas Worthington HS

RIFFEE, MICHAEL                             Physical Education

Effective 05/31/2013                             Worthingway Middle School

SECORD, LUCI L                                   School Psychologist

Effective 06/30/2013                             Special Education

TAYLOR, ANN M                                  Speech & Hearing Therapist

Effective 05/31/2013                              Special Education

TROTT, ELIZABETH                         Art Education

Effective 05/31/2013                              Worthington Estates Elementary

WETTERAUER, GAIL A                    Gifted/Talented Education

Effective 05/31/2013                               Wilson Hill Elementary

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