The Evening in Support of Excellence

SamLast Saturday night I was able to attend to Worthington Education Foundation’s annual fundraiser “An Evening in Support of Excellence” at the Shops at Worthington Place (or Worthington Square as I will forever call it, just like The Hills Market will forever be located “at the bottom of the hill”)

GranbyThe Worthington Educational Foundation was formed on May 4, 1988 by a group of community leaders dedicated to making the educational experience of our children something extraordinary. Their goal was to make funds available for educational projects that went beyond the basic curriculum and would not otherwise be funded with tax dollars.

Over it’s nearly 25 year history, the Foundation has raised over $405,000 in contributions and awarded over 400 grants totaling over $310,000 to Worthington teachers and staff to fund exciting and innovative educational projects for our students. These projects range across all schools, grade levels and subject areas.

The Evening is Support of Excellence is their major fundraiser and it’s a really, really cool event.  In excess of 500 people came to the shops in support of public education in Worthington.  That alone is a really important statement.  We live in a community that puts such a high value on public education that our supporters will give-up their Saturday night to work to help make a difference.

I must say though, it’s hardly a major sacrifice.  The food is outstanding, people look fabulous in their “snappy casualStatue attire” (side note:  both Worthington Hills Principal, Dr. Tamu Lucero and Worthington Kilbourne High School Principal, Ms. Angie Adrean showed up in their Rock Revival jeans.  Rock Revival jeans are apparently the utmost fashion statement as well as a bit pricey.  I, of course, had never heard of such jeans or the store Buckle where one would purchase such jeans.  Thus it goes without saying, Tamu and Angie, super cool.  Me, dorky old man in a sweater.)  and the crowd is full of friends both old and new.

In the course of the evening I had the opportunity to talk with current Worthington School Board of Education Members, Worthington City Manager Matt Gresson, former Worthington Schools Assistant Superintendent Paul Cynkar, Worthington Mayor Harvey Minton and almost all of our school Principals, as well as hundreds of dedicated parents. Gaskill

My point:  everyone matters in the success of Worthington students and a night like Saturday night emphasizes that point.  Great kids + Great parents + A dedicated community = Great Schools.

If you missed the event Saturday night you won’t want to miss it next year.  Mark January 25th 2014 on your calendar.  I’m already saving up for some new jeans…

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