WKHS Mock Trial

BCB-wZ3CcAA2amrOne of the great things about being a student in Worthington is the number of amazing opportunities our students are afforded athletically, in the arts, and of course academically.  One such opportunity which combines intellectual ability with competitive spirit is Mock Trial.

On Friday, February 1st Worthington Kilbourne High School’s Mock Trial Teams competed in the district competition.  Striving to utilize social media in a positive way, I followed the action live on the @WKHSWolves Twitter feed.

In Mock Trial each year volunteer attorneys create an original case around a current constitutional issue important to students.  Mock Trial teams work with an attorney (Thomas Novack from Walker Law Offices http://www.walkerlawohio.com) or a judge to prepare their case – from both the plaintiff and defense perspective. Competitions at the district, regional and state levels are conducted in an actual courtroom and are scored by panels of lawyers and judges.  Participation in Mock Trial provides students with an opportunity to improve critical thinking, reading, writing, public speaking and listening skills.  Develop understanding and appreciation for the law, court procedures, and the judicial system.  Understand constitutional rights and responsibilities and to recognize and reward students’ academic and intellectual achievements.

BCDCzxpCIAAlMAoOur Team Carpe Diem defense won their morning round with WKHS student Hannah Vincent earning an Outstanding Attorney award. The Prosecution lost their afternoon round in an extremely close contest that could have gone either way.  This team as a group did an awesome job and we could not asked anymore of them.

Our Team Suppression comprised mostly of rookies did not do as well losing both of their rounds.  Based upon their overall level of experience, they also performed extremely well and will be the backbone of the program in the years to come.

Despite not advancing to regional this year we are extremely proud of the level of performance and professionalism of our students.  Hannah should be appropriately recognized for achievement.

Providing diverse opportunities for students to show their unique talents in important.  Mock Trial allows students to engage in real-life learning opportunities which may catapult them into promising legal careers.  Whether it leads to a career in the law, or not, our Mock Trial students engage their minds, build strong friendships, and learn to compete.

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