Mr. Worthington

Dan G.

Early last week Mr. Dan Girard was named as the next principal for Brookside Elementary School. At the end of this school year Brookside’s current principal, Fritz Monroe, will retire and hand the reins to Dan.

I believe that if Dan Girard ran for Mayor of Worthington he would win without campaigning. He knows everyone, and everyone knows him. I first met Dan in 1987. I was a Freshman entering Worthington High School and Dan was a Junior. He was the star linebacker on the football team, 6 ft 5 inches tall, 220 pounds, a giant. I was a freshman with feathered hair and a comb in my back pocket. I’m fairly certain Dan had no idea who I was. Everyone knew who Dan was.

brooksidees-logoAfter graduating from college Dan returned to Worthington in 1994 and began his career in education as the Physical Education teacher at Bluffsview. He followed that position with stints as the Dean of Students at McCord, Physical Education teacher at Worthington Estates, ED teacher at Worthingway, Principal of the United Methodist Children’s Home Campus School, Principal at Slate Hill Elementary and Athletic Director of Thomas Worthington High School. In Dan’s 20 years as an educator in Worthington he has touched each corner of the school district and each level.

In Dan, Brookside is getting a gem. Really. In three years at Thomas Worthington DanWorthington rejuvenated school spirit and significantly ungraded the athletic facilities. Most importantly he was great with kids both, high school age, and elementary age. He worked to bring back the homecoming parade and always kept a pocket full of Cardinal face tattoos that he passed out to my daughters at every game.  Dan has devouted his life to making a positive difference for kids all kids in Worthington and…

Kids love Dan. At the dinner table this week I told my girls that Mr. Girard was moving from the high school to Brookside. My daughters had an immediate reaction. They said, “Dad can we move to Brookside.” Wow! That’s impact! As Dan moves to Brookside that is the type of positive culture that we exect Dan to immediately provide.

Brookside has great teachers and supportive parents. Next year they’ll have Dan as their leader. Mr. Worthington is coming…..

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3 Responses to Mr. Worthington

  1. Thanks Trent! So true – Brookside is fortunate to be getting “Mr. Worthington”!

  2. Kristin says:

    Like him already. Thanks for the online introduction (and, I’ll admit I’ve been asking around about him). My girl cried when Fritz announced his retirement. We really love our Mr. Monroe, but from what I’ve read and heard seems as if we’ll love our Mr. Girard, too!

  3. Bill Grindle says:

    Mr. Monroe will be missed, he has inspired so many young minds in our community. My daughter is one of the many students who have been engaged in discussions in the garden or by the pond, hanging on every word Mr Monroe says. Dan has some very big shoes to fill but I’m certain he is up to the job. Worthington Schools is fortunate to have these gentleman and their commitment to the education of our children.

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