Morning Floor Hockey

photo[1]One of the things I appreciate about Worthington Schools as a parent is that there is a strong push to move forward (please see the transition to the common core presentations located on the Worthington Schools Academic Achievement website) while also a strong tie to the traditions that we hold dear.

Each school has different traditions that they value.  Colonial Hills runs a morning gymnastics program that is unique to Colonial Hills.  Bluffsview and Granby have started new traditions with their competitive archery teams.  At Evening Street, where my daughters are in school, they have a winter floor hockey tournament with games played before school.  (Thanks to Mr. Brinegar and Mr. Moffatt for making it happen!)

Morning floor hockey is not for everyone.  Really, coming to school early in the cold to run around the gym with sticks may not be for many people.  But…for those people who enjoy it, it’s AWESOME!  30 years ago, I was one of those kids.  As a student at Worthington Hills Elementary in 1983 I struggled with academics.  I was labeled with a learning disability and when I wanted to sign up to play the violin they gently told me I needed to spend the time in class learning to read and not playing an instrument.  That was my experience with academics.  Luckily for me, Dr. Gary Moore was my gym teacher.

photo[1]For morning floor hockey games I would ride my bike to school in the dark with my hockey stick on the handlebars.  Kyle Lucas would play some goalie and if things worked out really well, Dr. Moore would put Tracey Unverferth or Beth Davies on my team.  Those mornings in the Worthington Hills gym may well have been the Stanley Cup Finals.  Those mornings are what motivated me to come to school.  And really that’s the point.

For some kids it may be floor hockey, for others it’s the violin, or the sixth grade play, or gymnastics, or archery, or the talent show, or the migrating butterfly’s.  Everyone has their thing that motivates them to come to school and helps them stay on the track for learning and growth. Very few of our students are motivated just by academics and it takes a coordinated extra effort to provide students with co-curricular opportunities that engage them and keep them coming back.

It’s a small thing and it’s not for everyone, but morning floor hockey is one of those things.  This morning I’ll watch a 7:30 A.M. game and then head to work.

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One Response to Morning Floor Hockey

  1. pschlaegel says:

    Todd Korn and I have had several conversations about our early bird gymnastics (including the German Wheel that is at Evening Street now) with Gary Moore! Those are such good memories for us and probably why I love seeing our kids engaged in the “extra” programs that will provide them with similar fond memories. Rock on, Worthington teachers!!

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