High School Options

0527woedustarsHigh School students in Worthington are currently in the process of registering for their classes to be taken next school year.  Both WKHS and TWHS recently held evenings to help parents understand the numerous options that students have in Worthington.  What struck me was not only the incredible breath of different course options and alternate pathways (IB, STEM, EBA, AP, etc) available to our students, but instead I was struck by the different programs that we offer students in order to meet their individual needs.  Obviously our traditional program is the classroom that almost all of us experienced in our high school career.  A student signs up for six classes per semester (some students sign-up for as many as eight) and they attend class in the high school, complete their work and assessments, and earn their credits for graduation.  For many of our students this works well.  However, the traditional classroom is only one of several program options that students in Worthington can choose from in order to complete their requirements.  If it’s not the best option for a student here are some other ways we allow students to earn their high school credits:

CREDIT FLEXIBILITY Credit Flexibility may be used to expand and enrich students’ learning experiences and opportunities. These experiences must maintain the educational standards adopted by the district through its course of study. Credit Flexibility options may include, but are not limited to: • on-line courses • educational travel • service learning • independent study • demonstration of mastery • college course work (Post-Secondary Enrollment Options – PSEO)  Credit Flexibility allows for greater student independence and customization around the needs of the student. 

CREDIT RECOVERY & CREDIT ADVANCEMENT For many learners, making up lost ground can seem overwhelming. Worthington Schools use Plato Learning to provide our student learners with an online experience that is media-rich and highly in­teractive, making credit recovery engaging and attainable. PLATO Learning is an industry expert in proven, effective credit recovery solutions. By focusing on instruction that fills knowledge gaps and provides a personalized learning experience, PLATO targets the specific issues that have prevented learners from moving forward. Additionally, through credit advancement, we offer students the opportunity to take on-line courses in order to experience curricu­lum we do not offer in our district or to take courses we do offer in order to create open periods to fit other classes in their schedule.

BLENDED LEARNING A blended learning approach combines face to face classroom methods with computer-mediated activities to form an integrated instructional approach. An example of blended learning is the con­nected classes of CCSS Math I and Physical Science, and Modern World History and CCSS ELA I. In the past, digital materials have served in a supplementary role, helping to support face to face instruction. Learning activities that otherwise would have taken place during classroom time can be moved online. The goal of a blended approach is to join the best aspects of both face to face and online instruction. Classroom time can be used to engage students in advanced interactive experiences. Meanwhile, the online portion of the course can provide students with multi­media-rich content at any time of day; anywhere the student has internet access, from computer labs or the students’ homes.

DUAL ENROLLMENT Dual class enrollment provides high school students the opportunity to be enrolled in a college-level class taught in the high schools by a high school teacher with support from a college/university faculty member. Upon successful completion of the course, the student will receive both high school graduation credit and transcripted college credit from the cooperating institution of higher education. Cur­rently, Worthington students are working with local community colleges in the areas of math, science, and pre-engineering courses to concurrently earn high school and college credit.

POST SECONDARY ENROLLMENT OPTIONS The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Program is intended to provide expanded opportunities for appropriately qualified high school students. The purpose of the program is to promote rigorous academic pursuits and to provide a wider variety of options. Students admitted to the program by an institution of higher education will be expected and required to perform at the same level as the institution’s regular students. College courses should either contribute to or supplement the broad academic preparation needed by high school students. Honors courses carry weighted grades and all courses are recorded on the student’s transcript. Refer to the college’s PSEO criteria for enrollment.

THE LINWORTH ALTERNATIVE PROGRAM The Linworth Alternative Program, housed on the Linworth Campus, is a part of the Worthington School System for students seeking the opportunity to become self-directed learners. The pro­gram provides students with a small school atmosphere in which a student may choose to learn in traditionally taught classes, or through learning contracts, in seminars, through independent study projects carried on outside the building, and/or through concur­rent enrollment in a college or university. Courses not offered at the Linworth Campus may be taken at the student’s home school. The Linworth Program deals with interpersonal relations, use of time, self-image, problem solving, and independent learning. Basic curriculum goals are the same as those of the other two campuses.

Our goal is to meet the individual needs of all of our students.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for in Worthington it probably doesn’t exist!

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