Communicating Important Messages

photo[1]Normally a report of teenagers with spray paint or purchasing hundreds and hundreds of disposable cups will make people cringe.  Within the boundaries of Worthington Schools this is not out of the ordinary.  I’ve written before about “the Rock” and the messages that students and alumni will paint on “the Rock’s” at Thomas Worthington High School, Worthington Kilbourne High School and at Worthingway Middle School.  Likewise in an age of Social Media, Blogs, Websites and other electronic communication, the most important messages in Worthington are often left in the fence or on a bed sheet.

Communication is a natural process for humans, and we communicate messages verbally and nonverbally to the outside world on a daily basis. Without communication, our lives would be very different because communication is vital to developing and maintaining everything around us. Communication, directly and indirectly, plays an important role with our students in Worthington Schools.

photo[1]At Thomas Worthington High School students often write important messages with disposable cups along the fence line of the stadium complex.  Likewise, at Worthington Kilbourne High School students will hang bed sheets complete with messages on posts specifically designed for such a purpose.  Nothing is more meaningful for some of our students than to congratulate their sports team, or wish a happy birthday to a friend, by peeling Mom and Dad’s bed sheet right off their bed and spray painting an important message on it.  Similarly, students will toil in the cold, dark night along 161 to make certain their cup message is perfect when students begin to arrive at first light the following morning.

As an old guy, I love this communication.  There are much easier ways to ask a young lady to the dance or to wish a friend good luck, but easier is not the point.  In 2013 the effort is still important, and this generation of high school students, just like generations before them. are still proficient in creating unique messages for their friends.

In Worthington if a message is important we still paint it or make it out of cups.  We’re old school!

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