Worthington Wellness Warrior Run

photo[1]A week from today it is on…..!  Seriously I mean it is on like Donkey Kong!  The Worthington Elementary Wellness Warrior Run will take place Friday, April 12th on the grounds of Granby Elementary, 1490 Hard Road.  Students from all elementary schools in Worthington in grades 4-6 are encouraged to participate.  At 6:30 P.M. Worthington Families and Staff will begin.  (I’m registered!  You should be too!)

The website used for registration (www.WorthingtonWellnessWarriors.com) describes the event like this… This Worthington Elementary Wellness event is bound to be like no other – Are you up for the challenge???  This “Mile of Mayhem” adventure will push each individual to the limits with a unique course filled with multiple obstacles and challenges along the way.  Whether it’s climbing over barriers, ducking through tunnels, or crawling through mud – everyone is guaranteed to have a blast.

Remember, what you wear is going to get muddy (this is NOT your typical race – if you don’t like getting wet or muddy, don’t come!).

Did you catch that, not only do you have to run/walk, you have to climb over obstacles and crawl through mud.  It’s a typical night for a balding, 40 year old, Assistant Superintendent in the suburbs, right????

Credit Granby physical education guru Rick Armstrong and his partner in mayhem teacher, Tyler Hollinger for making this event a reality.  As part of being a “Both/And” school district that values academic achievement results and impacting the whole child in a positive way, events like this engage students in positive physical activities to hopefully build life-long habits around a healthy lifestyle.  Events like this also help engage and build the larger Worthington community.  Kids from all schools can interact and compete.  Parents will get together, they will get muddy, and they will be laughed at by their children.  It promises to be a good evening!

photo[1]Start Time by Grade Level:  This will be a staggered start race and each student’s start time will depend on their grade level and gender.
4th GRADE BOYS = 5:30 pm
4TH GRADE GIRLS = 5:40 pm
5TH GRADE BOYS = 5:50 pm
5TH GRADE GIRLS = 6:00 pm
6TH GRADE BOYS = 6:10 pm
6TH GRADE GIRLS = 6:20 pm

If you survive, this T-Shirt awaits!

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3 Responses to Worthington Wellness Warrior Run

  1. Amanda Trueman says:

    Hello! I really enjoy following your blog and I wanted to thank you for your great facilitation at the WHE parent meeting last night – it was a very productive meeting and I really appreciate the support you all are providing to our school. Our family is “in” for the Warrior Run this year – sounds like great fun! Amanda Trueman

  2. pschlaegel says:

    Thank you for your support of this wonderful event! We expect it to be record attendance this year and know that it will be a great experience for all of the Worthington kids and families that participate. See you Friday!

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