Teach Ohio

photo[1]I spent Tuesday at (and tweeted from) the Teach Ohio event hosted by The Ohio State University.  Teach Ohio is a teacher recruiting fair where prospective teachers from Ohio State, Capital, Otterbein, Ashland and Ohio Dominican gather to interview with school districts from across Ohio and from as far as Florida and Alaska.

Teach Ohio is part of the larger Buckeye Bonanaza teacher recruiting week.  The week began at Ohio University in Athens on Monday (we had recruiters there who completed 36 interviews).  Teach Ohio was on Tuesday (we completed almost 200 interviews and brought 18 recruiters to two interview locations).  Ohio Northern was on Wednesday (we had recruiters complete 22 interviews).  Today is Bowling Green where we will hope to complete over 30 interviews and the week ends tomorrow in Toledo where we will complete 15-20 interviews.  This week alone Worthington will interview close to 300 teaching candidates.

photo[1]As we look to replace a large number (large number for us) of retiring teachers, we are investing as much time as is needed to bring the best and brightest teachers to Worthington students.  Not only did we maximize our exposure at the Buckeye Bonanza, but we also attended teacher recruiting fairs over the past month at Capital, Ohio Dominican, Miami of Ohio, Dayton, Kent State, Akron and Xavier.  Furthermore, our HR department is interviewing candidates looking to move from their current district to Worthington.

In our mind recruiting is about effort and volume.  With 300 interviews completed this week we may only find 20 % who we would want to bring back for further interviews. From those 60 candidates, if we hired 10 teachers it would have been a great week.  Some believe we don’t need to recruit like we do.  We have an online screener that provides us with a data point and we sit in a great school district in the best location in Ohio.

That said, putting the right teacher in the classroom is the most important thing we do!  A teacher who is hired this year and teaches their entire career in Worthington is at least a 3  million dollar investment by the community in today’s dollars.  Even more importantly, that teacher may be the one person who has a life-long positive impact on your child or mine.  If we have to work hundreds of extra hours and drive all over Ohio to find the best teachers and talk with them face-to-face, we believe it is worth the effort.  If we have to interview 10-15 candidates at a school level before finding just the right fit, I can’t think of a better use of our time.

Teachers make a difference!  We want the best teachers to come to Worthington!  This week we’re working hard to find great teachers and to bring them to Worthington where they will impact kids in a positive way.

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