We’ve Identified our SuperHuman!

Matt_KellerWe’ve Identified our SuperHuman!  On Monday May 6th the Worthington Board of Education voted to hire Mr. Matt Keller as the new principal at Wilson Hill Elementary.  Over the past few weeks I have written several posts about our search for a Wilson Hill Elementary Principal.  In “Looking for Superman or Wonder Woman” I outlined what the staff, parents and administration were looking for in a principal.  In “Listen to the Kids” I wrote about the student’s perspective.

At the end of a long process (25 candidates were interviewed face-to-face by either myself or our Human Resources Director, Randy Banks.  5 candidates were interviewed by a team of parents, teachers and administrators, and 2 candidates were interviewed by our Superintendent Dr. Thomas Tucker.) one candidate emerged as the person who we felt possessed the greatest ability to grow into all of the qualities that we desire.

Mr. Keller is currently the principal at Woodward Elementary School in Delaware, Ohio.  Previously Mr. Keller was an Assistant Principal at Willis Intermediate School in Delaware, and before that an Assistant Elementary Principal in St. Mary’s, Ohio.  Matt comes to Worthington with 8 years of school administration experience.

Over the course of multiple interviews with Worthington administrators and Wilson Hill parents and teachers, itwilsonhilles-logo became clear that Mr. Keller has a passion for helping all students learn and grow.  He is high energy, relationship driven, and focused on helping Wilson Hill create a positive, student friendly learning environment.  I’ve known Matt professionally for the past 12 years.  He is as genuine as they come, and he possesses a very high threshold for work.  He fits from a CORE values standpoint and will work hard to learn the rest.

But…contrary to what I might profess about someone we hire: Matt is human.  He will make mistakes.  He will not be able to do everything that everyone wants him to.  We (staff, students, parents and community members) will need to support him to help Wilson Hill succeed.  We have very high hopes for Matt, and we believe he’ll be great… but no one person can do all things.  It takes a team of committed individuals for real success to occur.  Wilson Hill has that team, and Matt should be able to add to the team.  But, he’s really not Superhuman.  He’s just a guy committed to doing the best job possible.  And, that’s all we ask.

Mr. Keller and his wife are the proud parents of two young children.  He will complete his contract with Delaware in June and begin his transition to Wilson Hill this summer.  We are excited to welcome Mr. Keller and his family to the Worthington team!

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2 Responses to We’ve Identified our SuperHuman!

  1. Amanda Trueman says:

    Such great news! Thank you Dr. Bowers and the entire interview team. WHE is excited to welcome their new “SuperHuman” principal! Amanda Trueman, WHE parent

  2. Nicole McLean says:

    We are so excited to welcome Mr. Keller to Wilson Hill! I am sure the children AND parents will be thrilled with this decision. Thank you for listening to all of us, no matter what our age!

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