Welcome to the Hills!

photo[2]On Monday May 20th the Worthington Board of Education voted to approve Mr. Joe Jude as the new principal at Worthington Hills Elementary.  Mr. Jude is currently the principal at Edgewood Elementary School in Marysville, Ohio.  Previously Mr. Jude was a Principal in Big Walnut Schools, and before that he was an Elementary Principal in Southwestern City Schools.  Joe comes to Worthington with a wealth of school administration experience.

Over the course of multiple interviews with Worthington administrators and Worthington Hills parents and teachers, it became clear that Mr. Jude has a strong vision for helping all students learn and grow.  He has an engaging personality, possesses a wealth of experience, and articulated a clear enthusiasm for kids.

Joe will complete his contract with Marysville in June and begin his transition to Worthington Hills this summer. Last Friday afternoon we held a reception for Mr. Jude at Worthington Hills to meet the staff first and then to meet interested parents and students.  (The Worthington Hills staff served dark green Kale smoothies at the reception.  As the new guy, Mr. Jude had to take one.  I, on the other hand, asked if they had chocolate…)

Joe is a natural with students.  He stood and greeted every adult with a smile on his face and a sincere greeting, but his best work was with the kids.  I stood nearby while Joe spent a good 15 minutes with a group of 4th grade boys.  They talked about school, and they talked about the sports that they play.  The conversation was positive and the boys became comfortable.  They quickly sensed their opportunity.  One boy said to Mr. Jude, “you really should make sure that the four of us are in the same class next year.”  Another boy chimed in, “yea, I’m pretty sure Mrs. Lucero was going to do that, so you should probably make sure that happens.”  One of their mom’s then chimed in, “Mr. Jude, that’s only a good idea if you want the teacher to quit…”

Mr. Jude had not yet officially been approved as the principal of the school and fourth grade boys were already lobbying for preferred classroom placement.  Thus is the life of the school principal.

We think Joe will be a great fit for Worthington Hills (even with the Kale smoothies) and a great fit for Worthington.  He’s ready to participate in the Worthington Hills 4th of July parade and he and I have discussed the need for many, many bags of candy to throw to the crowd.  Yep, he’s ready!photo[1]

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