You Win Some, You Lose Some!

Vars%20Girls%20LaxI spent the extended weekend, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, attending high school sporting events.  It was a weekend full of excitement and disappointment.

photo[1]On Thursday evening I attended the Thomas Worthington Boys Baseball team’s regional semi-final game against Hilliard Darby.  The game was played at Dublin Coffman and fans from both teams certainly got their monies worth.  The Cardinals had played in the regional semi-finals only one other time (last year) since 1981.  Certainly this was a very special group of boys led by coach Steve Gusseler. #GussStrong!

The game was a back and forth affair.  In the first inning the Cardinals took and 1-0 lead and then on a two out, two strikes call, they stole home for a second run.  Things looked good.  Unfortunately the boys from Darby came to play as well.  At one point Darby held a 13-7 lead.  Thomas came back and after a 6 run inning the game was tied.  Neither team would back down.  Unfortunately the breaks went Darby’s way and they eventually outlasted the Cards and moved on to the Regional Final with a 15-13 win.

On Friday evening I attended the Worthington Kilbourne Girls Lacrosse team’s Division 2 State Semi-Final game against Chagrin Falls.  The Wolves started slow but battled back to get a convincing win.  That set-up a State Championship game against New Albany to be played on Saturday at Thomas Worthington. 

The Kilbourne girls dominated the first 45 minutes of the state final.  They played hard, they played fast, they finished shots with their left hand, and they looked poised to win their first ever girls lacrosse state championship.  In the last five minutes the wheels came off.  Their 10-8 advantage evaporated and in the last-minute and a half, New Albany scored to take the lead.  They then held on (with some help by the officials…just sayin) to defeat Kilbourne 11-10.

WLBoth the TWHS boys baseball team, and the Kilbourne girls lacrosse team, had great seasons!  They both representedphoto[1] Worthington well, on and off, the field of play.  For both the boys, and the girls, I really wanted to see them win their games.  They deserved the success.  They had worked hard and done things the right way.  Unfortunately, sports, like life, doesn’t always work out that way.  I think that’s why we play the games.  Both because anything can happen, and to learn lessons that will provide us guidance in life situations.  My hope is that our athletes go forward from these experiences and attack whatever is next in their life with the same passion, dedication and grit.  Losing big games is hard, but it need not be for not.  The lessons learned can endure and create a positive outcome.  (Plus 8 of the 11 starters for WKHS girls were underclassmen.  They can train harder this summer, hit the wall all fall and come back and finish what they started this year!)

I was a proud fan this weekend.  My dad attended the games with me, and my daughters did as well.  Three generations of Worthington residents cheering on the boys in red and the girls in black.  I was hoping for different outcomes but am proud of our kids.

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