Summer Reading

photo[1]I’ve written before about the newly implemented Third Grade Reading Guarantee and Worthington Schools has documented through testimony to the legislature some of our disagreements with the current law.  However we have no disagreement that all students leaving third grade should do so as readers, and I will reluctantly admit that the law has spurred us to greater action.

photo[2]On Monday we welcomed 140 students to Slate Hill Elementary to receive intensive reading intervention throughout this summer.  This spring school principals worked with reading teachers and classroom teachers to identify all students K-3 that were a fit for the LLI (Leveled Literacy Intervention ) programming and had previously been identified as at-risk through the multiple assessment data points that we use in Worthington such as DRA, MPG/MAP, F&P, ORF, etc. (Alphabet soup, but each is an important assessment that our teachers and administrators are intimately familiar with.)  Students that are currently receiving services (Reading Intervention, Special Education, ELL) were invited to participate in this program provided they would commit to the entire six weeks of the program.  Furthermore, busing was provided to families, and both breakfast and lunch are provided with the Summer feeding program.

We have a wonderful group of teachers who will devote 6 weeks of their summer to these students.  Please be sure to thank these teachers! This is quite a commitment! (Sarah Warman, Kathy Mikkelson, Lisa Jolley, Pete Kolp, Abby Miller, Toni Bonacci-Engelman, Amy Holtz, Deb Murph, Jessica Schiefer, Karina Turner, Bonnie Melchi, Ashley Lyons, Andy Grizzell, and Kellie Bannen).photo[1]

The Intensive summer reading intervention will take place at Slate Hill.  However for all students summer is the perfect time to have fun, relax, and READ! Our goal in Worthington is to continue to support reading, writing, speaking & listening opportunities all summer long! In Worthington, our Language Arts Coordinator, Jamie Lusher, likes to say that “our students may take a DIP in the pool, but they may not take a DIP in Reading!”  Research shows that reading 200 pages per week increases student achievement and promotes cognitive growth in students. Ensuring that children and families spend thirty minutes a day reading and discussing the text they have read, fights the regression in reading skills that often occur over the summer months. It is no myth that the mind is a VERY powerful muscle that MUST be exercised to continue cognitive growth! The Worthington City Schools are thrilled to share that  children and families will have access to reading resources and interventions from throughout the entire summer! Students can continue to listen to, read, and record their stories to continue their growth in fluency and comprehension skills!

Additionally, the Worthington City Schools has created a Summer Reads Lists of Books for students in Grades 6-12! These books were researched and suggested by our classroom teachers and are sure to be a GREAT place to start your summer reading journey.  Go to and click on “Read for the Fun of it.”

Let’s commit this summer to reading everyday!  Everyone will benefit.

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