A Great Partnership

photo[1]All holidays have certain appeal.  In Worthington the 4th of July has a bit extra appeal.  It may be the time of year, it’s certainly not the unpredictable weather, but it’s likely the incredible number of fun and family friendly acitivities that occurs across our area.  There is literally so much going on that my family had to say no to things at a ratio of 4 to 1 of the many things we actually did.

As I reflect on yestrerday’s super fun events, it hit me that one of the very cool things about the 4th of July is the partnership that our schools have with our community in making them happen.

photo[1]We started our day yesterday in Worthington Hills.  No place, anywhere in the United States, takes the 4th of July more seriously than does Worthington Hills.  They hold a 5K race (which starts and ends at Worthington Hills elementary), they hold a family fun fest carnival, and a Stars and Stripes community softball game (both at Worthington Hills Elementary) and in addition to their own fireworks, they hold the single most fun parade around.  My family always, always, attends the parade and the school district plays a prominent role.  Worthington Kilbourne administrators, Angie Adrean and Jeff Todd were in the parade as was McCord Assistant Principal Kenny Chaffin.  New Worthington Hills Elementary Principal, Joe Jude made his inagural parade debut, and Superintendent, Dr. Thomas Tucker wore his American flag attire in the parade.  Board of Education members Jennfer Best, David Bressman and Marc Schare had their own place in the parade and candidate for Worthington Board of Education, Sam Shim passed out 11,000 pieces of candy.  (As I type this I’m beginning to wonder why I don’t get invited to be in the parade……HOLLY ST. MYER!!!!)  Finally the WKHS band and many co-curricular teams participate.  (One over zealous hockey player used the super soaker to hit my 70 year old mom square in the face….aim for the kids, aim for the kids.  It’s always the hockey guys….)

After leaving Worthington Hills we made our way to the City of Worthington family picnic on the front lawn of Thomas Worthington High SchoolSuperGames (a unique Worthington company created by retired Worthington Physical Education teacher, Dr. Gary Moore) brought 7 inflatables for kids to play on, there was food, music, Abe Lincoln, The Columbus Crew, etc…

Finally, late into the evening many families gather at Dow Nelson Athletic Complex and sit in the stands of TWHS to watch the Worthington fireworks display.  The school parking lot is jammed packed, the front lawn is littered with families, and there is not a seat to be had in the stands.  You’ll always find my family sitting directly under the fireworks on John Galipault field (the lacrosse field, south of 161). 

The fourth of July is special all across Worthington and I’m proud to work in a school district that partners with the community to allow community access to school facilities which enrichs the lives of everyone.  Now if we could only get this rain to go away….

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One Response to A Great Partnership

  1. Holly St. Myer says:

    Trent!! I’m so sorry – I JUST tonight saw this. :). We would LOVE to have u in the parade! This is actually my first year leading the parade effort itself – last year we raised the funds – so you are officially on the VIP invite list. Shame on us for the oversight up to this point!! We will be in touch in the spring…12pm, July 4 2014…be there. U can even wear ur Warrior helmet! 🙂

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