Emergency Medical Authorization

photo[1]Worthington parents are all too familiar with the dreaded “Pink” emergency medical cards.  For each child in school parents would complete multiple copies of this card and if a child played a sport they would complete it again for each sport.  Many high school families were completing six of these cards for each of their children…all with the exact same information!

These cards were used by the school district, by office staff, teachers, and coaches, should an emergency occur that would require medical attention.  Certainly Worthington erred on the side of caution and made sure anyone who might need these cards had them.

For the new school year we are finally moving into the 21st century and parents will input the emergency medical information only one time for each child.  We’re using our Infinite Campus system to host this information.  Our goal is to continue to make certain all students are safe and secure while also making the process much easier for families.

Last week I completed my three children’s data input.  The entire process took me five minutes.  Not everything with our Infinite Campus system has worked smoothly, but for my family, this did.  Here’s what you need to do:

Parents will receive an “Inbox” link  called “Online Registration” in Infinite Campus (on the first screen when you log in to Infinite Campus) requesting that you review/update your student’s demographic and emergency medical information using the OLR (Online Registration) system. This link opens a Currently Enrolled Family OLR containing your student(s) current demographic data to review and update as well as inputting of Emergency Medical data. You can also fill out any Student Participation Forms and Release Authorizations needed to start the school year.  Free and Reduced Lunch forms are also available when you log in to Infinite Campus.  These are all available under “My Account.”

Parents can update all areas of the OLR for currently enrolled students: parent and emergency contact name(s), home address, phone number, email addresses, and student medical information. Parent may also add a new student for pending enrollment into the district. Upon review and completion of any updates, parent must Submit the OLR. Once submitted and processed, Emergency Medical Authorization sheets can be printed by the buildings.

Step-by-step instructions:

Make sure your Pop-up Blocker is off!  (This is now called the Christina Florence reminder.  Christina successfully turned off her pop-ups using Google Chrome.  No small accomplishment!)

PARENT/GUARDIAN OF CURRENTLY ENROLLED STUDENT(S):   can complete OLR updates using the unique link sent to their Infinite Campus Inbox:

Go to Worthington District site:  www.worthington.k12.oh.us

Click Login

Enter parent ID and PassWord

(If parent does not know their ID/PW, they should click Parent Account Recovery OR they can email a request to support@worthington.k12.oh.us, including their name and their child’s name(s))

Click My Account

Click Infinite Campus icon

Click Inbox link “ Online registration” to open OLR.

Click Begin Registration.

Proceed through OLR pages to review and update data.

When complete, click Submit.

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