Online Fee Payment

MyPaymentsPlus_appsOur family never seems to have cash and we usually struggle to find the checkbook that is often buried somewhere in the kitchen.  I think last time I looked for it, it had fallen behind the refrigerator.  I’m certain your house runs more smoothly.  To combat my lack of cash and inability to find the checkbook I have a Starbucks app on my IPhone and I buy my coffee that way  on the way to work (please don’t tell Doreen) and last year we began to pay our school lunch fees on MyPaymentsPlus.  I use the app on my IPhone and it alerts us when we are running low on money.  Somehow we’re always running low.  My three girls might be buying lunch for the whole class?

Because many families are like mine and don’t have cash or checks, Worthington Schools is expanding use of MyPaymentsPlus to include academic (school) and athletic fees.  Previously MyPaymentsPlus has only been used for lunch prepayment.  Academic and athletic fees will begin to be posted later this summer as teams begin practice and the first day of school approaches.

If you already have an account for MyPaymentsPlus you will be able to make payments online for the other fees.   If you need to create an account, follow the instructions below.imagesCAI5XPX4

Using your MyPaymentsPlus account you may make payments online or by calling, using Visa, MasterCard or an echeck.   Processing by MyPaymentsPlus can take up to 48 hours, so keep this in mind especially for lunch prepayments.  The payment system is provided as a service to you with no transaction charges.   Schools will continue to accept checks and cash if you prefer.

We strive to find new and better ways to serve our students and families, and we are confident you will find this service as a benefit.   No more lost checks or cash!  Take care of it online.


Directly to


Through Worthington Cloud   Login at

Click Login icon upper right corner

Click My Account upper menu bar

Click My Payments Plus icon

Once at the MyPaymentsPlus site

Click Register a Free Account

Select  Ohio and Worthington School District

Follow Prompts

You will need the student ID numbers for your children and these will be mailed out to all families by Computer Services.

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