Digital Danger

Socialmediaicons-500x281In Worthington we continue to attempt to expand our use of social media to connect with our students and the community.  Our goal is to provide communication to families in the form that best fits their life.  Thus, we utilize our district website, direct mailings, newspaper articles, this blog, the blog Worthington Live as well as Facebook and Twitter.

I personally enjoy receiving information through social media.  I have a Facebook account and utilize it primarily for personal items, connecting with friends and family across the globe.  However, I am part of school groups such as Evening Street Parents, Wilson Hill Parents, Colonial Hills Parents and I have “Liked” many co-curricular teams and receive updates on Thomas Worthington Baseball, Lacrosse, Band, etc…   My Facebook account is probably 85% personal and 15% Worthington Schools related.

My Twitter account is different.  I try to Tweet for Worthington Schools to provide glimpses into my day, events I am at, or what I am reading.  My Twitter account thus trends 85% Worthington Schools and 15% personal.  You can follow me on Twitter @tbowers3.

Recently I have also begun an Instagram account.  High School students tell me that “no one but old people use Facebook anymore,” and that they all use Instagram.  I’ve begun posting pictures to Instagram but at this point I’m a serious novice and we’ll see where it leads.

As an adult I am attempting to navigate social media.  Our students are doing the same, and they are usually three or four steps ahead of us as adults.  To help our parents Worthington Schools will be presenting “DIGITAL DANGER” in the auditorium of WKHS on Wednesday, September 11th at 6:00 P.M.  (Please add this date to your calendar now so that you remember to attend.)

Digital Danger is a non-profit organization who will share their digital safety program designed to help parents learn ways to keep their children and teens safe and responsible in the digital world.  Worthington Kilbourne High School Principal, Angie Adrean, (@aadrean) says, “It is no secret that the use of social media by young people has simply exploded.  To continue growing our students into good citizens we must partner with parents to give teens strategies and tools to use technology respectively.”

In Worthington we plan to continue to expand our usage of social media to connect with our students and the community.  In so doing we recognize our responsibility to help both students and families learn to use the tools appropriately.  Please spread the word about September 11th at WKHS.  It will be worth your time.

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One Response to Digital Danger

  1. Becky Rust says:

    Great opportunity for Worthington parents to stay in touch with what their children are doing!

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