What gets measured is what gets done!

photoMy friend Michael Perry is the Director of SpringHill Camps where we send our girls each summer.  He writes about leadership and yesterday he wrote the following that we also subscribe to in Worthington Schools:  “’What gets measured is what gets done’ is a powerful leadership maxim. It was first stated by Michael LeBouef, an author of a number of business and management books. It’s powerful because it turns out to be true. When you measure something on a consistent and timely basis the attention and feedback created by measuring it almost guarantees it improves.

So if you want to achieve a goal, make it measurable and then actually measure it regularly, making it visible to the whole team, then the odds the goal is achieved goes up significantly.  As a result we measure the most important things in Worthington, such things as the culture and climate of our schools, and the academic growth and achievement of every single child in the system.

A good, yet simple, example is how our staff works to measure what gets done is in our Building Improvement Plans.  While students will be off school in Worthington on Friday, our principals will be sitting down individually with our Superintendent, Dr. Tucker, our Director of Academic Achievement and Growth, Jennifer Wene, and I, to discuss the plans they have written for their schools.  These plans are unique to each school and their areas of needed improvement.

We believe that the culture and climate of our schools is foundational to students having a positive experience and therefore learning as much as is possible.  Thus each school building will analyze the results of their spring culture/climate surveys to create goals for improvement in this area this school year.  Likewise, principals and teams of teachers at each school, have been analyzing their individual school data, KRA-L, DRA, OAA, Value Added, MAP, etc… to determine what areas they need to focus on for this school year.  Each school will set at least two measurable areas of focus for academic growth and achievement.

The data from the State of Ohio was released to local school districts in mid-August.  Principals and teachers used the month of September to analyze data and set goals for improvement.  Improvement plans were then turned in by principals to their respective directors on September 30th and we’ll use Friday to discuss the plans, provide feedback on the goals, and adjust the plans as necessary.  After meeting with us, principals will share their plans with PTA groups and will post the plan for the public to view on their websites.

Our goal is to get better each year.  These plans are meant to allow our school buildings the flexibility they need to make adjustments unique to their school and their student body.  They’re also designed to create accountability because if it’s measured it’s likely to get done.

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