Games that Matter

photoFor most of our teams our fall sports have ended and we have begun winter seasons.  Basketball and wrestling teams have begun to practice and in most cases the transition to winter sports are almost complete.  For those that are still playing fall sports we’re into the games that really, really matter.  Several of those occurred last weekend and another will occur this Friday night.

On Saturday afternoon I attended the OHSAA State Field Hockey Championships where the girls from Thomas Worthington faced off against the defending state champions from Columbus Academy.  The Thomas girls entered the game with a record of 19-0-1.  If there is one team across all of Worthington that I am consistently proud to be associated with it is our TWHS field hockey team.  Field Hockey is somewhat of a fringe sport.  Most people don’t know the rules and many have never seen a game.  At Thomas Worthington, Coach Terri Simonetti Frost has built a powerhouse.  It’s not just that the Thomas girls have great skill or great understanding of the game.  It’s that they out work almost every team they step on the field with.  In the preseason the girls run until they can’t run anymore, and then they run some more.  To play field hockey at Thomas Worthington requires total commitment, and that commitment is evident each time the girls take the field.  Saturday’s game was no different.

photo (1)From my, admittedly biased seat, the Thomas girls won the state championship on Saturday.  Officially Columbus Academy prevailed in overtime 1-0.  The Columbus Dispatch covered the event quite well and you can read about the game here.  When I say I believe the Thomas girls actually won the game, I say it because “Thomas Worthington (19-1-1) appeared to take the lead with 3:33 left in the second half.  Junior attacker Christina Mertz took a penalty corner and passed to senior attacker Maddie Goelz, who then shot back toward Mertz. The ball went through the defense and into the net.  The ball appeared to glance off Mertz’s stick and was ruled a goal by one official. Another official overruled the call, however, and said the ball didn’t hit Mertz’s stick and had been shot outside the circle by Goelz.  ‘The ball had to have changed direction for a reason,’ Simonetti Frost.”  I was there.  It sure looked like they scored the goal and that it was a legal goal.  Officials are human, they make mistakes.  They don’t try to, and that’s part of the lesson of sports.  I’m proud of our girls from Thomas Worthington.  They’re a credit to the sport and to our community.  Officially they’re the state runner-up for 2013 finishing 19-1-1.

Across town all is as it is supposed to be.  Firday night (11.1.13) Worthington Kilbourne finished a football season 9-1 and will host a home play-off game this Friday night (11.8.2013) against rival Dublin Scioto at 7:30 P.M. on Friday night.  The Wolves have won 9 straight games since their stunning 22-21 loss to Scioto on August 30th.  Kilbourne gets exactly what they want.  A chance to play another Friday night at home and a chance to avenge their only loss of the season to a team a mile up Hard Road.

I’ve been to many Worthington Kilbourne play-off games over the years.  I followed Coach Gafford and the teams featuring Ryan Sprague and Kyle Riddle to Dayton’s Welcome Stadium.  I watched Dan Scheaf, Jordan Gafford and Cory Kovanda play at Upper Arlington.  There have been many long play-off runs over the years for the Wolves and this year’s Vince Trombetti team has a chance to do likewise.  They’ll be the second seed in the region to a New Albany team they beat in the regular season.

The Kilbourne Krazies have planned a “Black Out” for Friday night’s game.  You’ll want to be there early if want a seat.  It’s November and for fall sports these are the games that matter, when they win please don’t tear the goal posts down, they’re kind of expensive!  photo (2)

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