Hanging with Phil

photo (1)Last Wednesday and Thursday the leadership team from Worthington Schools attended the Ohio School Leadership Change Academy which was created and facilitated by the Schlechty Center (The Phil Schlechty Center).  As a learning organization it is important that as leaders we spend time focusing on learning and reflecting on what we can do to help Worthington get better each day.

The Ohio School Leadership Change Academy gives school leaders an opportunity to examine their values and beliefs, and to change their mind-set from managing and maintaining the current education system to learning through meaningful, disciplined inquiry and creativity. It requires transformational change to move from a bureaucratic leadership model that emphasizes direction and compliance to a student-focused learning organization that values universal engagement and collaboration.

photoLeadership is the critical element in school redesign. The necessity of new, creative and innovative leadership development opportunities for school leaders – superintendents, assistant superintendents, principals and assistant principals – is essential if fundamental change is going to occur.

The Schlechty Center is a Kentucky based organization that partners with school leaders across the country to transform their classrooms, schools and districts into places focused on engagement, as opposed to compliance. The Academy is specifically designed for educational leaders who are serious about (1) nurturing joyous student learning; (2) creating inspiring workplaces for teachers and all staff; and (3) envisioning school districts that are less like factories and more like organizations designed for learning.

Here’s the cool thing,  Phil Schlechty, who is a nationally recognized expert on student learning and organizational theory, and of course, the founder and CEO of the Schlechty Center that bares his name, was a Social Studies teacher at Worthington High School from 1960-1963.  Eventually, Dr. Schlechty moved on to Ohio State to pursue his Ph.D. and then to create a new field of knowledge in education.

It’s always good to spend time learning and reflecting as a team.  Together we’ll attend 8 days working with the Schlechty Center this school year. It’s even better to spend time learning from a nationally recognized Worthington teacher.  Our man Phil!

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