Picture1“One fifth-grader’s vision…

coupled with twenty-four heartfelt friends…

put fifty small hands to work…

making hundreds of bracelets…

using thousands of rubber bands…

  convincing countless friends and family…

to contribute to our cause…

raising a total of $432.25…

for the American Cancer Society.

  …the feeling that you have made a difference…


As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday there is much to be thankful for in Worthington.  I’m blessed to be in a job where I get to see countless examples of amazing things happening each and every day.  For this week, I’d like to highlight one such experience from last week.

As most everyone is aware, October is national breast cancer awareness month.  Several years ago the National Football League began allowing players to wear pink accents to their uniforms during October.  This year college football teams such as Ohio State, and high school teams such as Thomas Worthington, also wore pink.  With that, even our elementary age boys are tuned in and awareness has been heightened.

Picture2In one fifth grade classroom the awareness around breast cancer was combined with the current rainbow loom craze.  A fifth grade boy, yes a boy, rallied his class to make bracelets at recess time.  The students worked tirelessly day after day, sacrificing their play time, and then sold the bracelets to students, parents and staff members.  They didn’t take their money to buy Blizzards at the local Dairy Queen.  They didn’t spend their money on baseball cards as my generation might have.  Instead, they donated every penny of the money they raised from the sale of their bracelets to the American Cancer Society.

At the PTA meeting last week, I was honored to watch the students present their donation and to listen to the American Cancer Society describe the difference that the $432.25 could make for individuals. More than anything I was thankful that we have students who are able to think outside of themselves.  I’m thankful that they can delay their own gratification to help others.  I’m thankful that they understand the joy of giving.  And as a school leader, I’m thankful for a teacher who encouraged the activity; a teacher who provided structure to the activity; a teacher who continued to teach the assessed curriculum, but did not allow a teachable moment to pass her by; and a teacher who took the time to create a presentation to recognize and memorialize the student’s efforts.

For that, and for much, much more, I’m thankful this week!

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One Response to “Priceless”

  1. Karen Holt says:

    This is such a great story! What a super lesson for the students to learn that by giving of their time they were able to make a difference in the fight against cancer. I’m sure long after this bracelet fad is over they will fondly remember this project and the money they were able to raise!

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